July 7, 2015 Last Updated 11:35 am

Mag+ updates Reviewer app, adds new slideshow transition type

The trend these days for some major media apps such as Facebook or Twitter is to release an update once a month, on a pretty regularly occurring schedule. It’s a pretty wise move, though often the app descriptions for these updates are needlessly vague, making one wonder why the update is even necessary.

MagPlusReviewer-iconThe digital publishing platform Mag+ is also pretty much on a monthly update schedule. Today’s update for Mag+ Reviewer brings the preview app up to version 5.6.0 and is the sixth time Mag+ has updated the app during the first week of the month (for some reason there was no update in February).

But Mag+ at least gives users a decent app description, telling developers and designers what is new in the platform. Here is this month’s app description:

What’s New in Version 5.6.0

  • New slideshow transition type of fade-in
  • Support for showing a specific page from a PDF
  • Fix for cover image cropping when the first vertical is dual-layout

Mag+ has also posted a new entry to its blog on jump links, those links that take the reader from one part of an app to another. The company’s blog posts are often interesting, useful, and sometimes insightful.

But the company long ago decided that its best marketing would be through its own website, acting as if they were a media company themselves rather than a software solution. While I would have preferred that they would contribute these blog posts to TNM as guest columns, I certainly would have understood it if they had struck a deal with another media outlet to publish them. Instead, these posts remain stuck on the Mag+ website, and frankly are hard to find if you are not familiar with the way they have designed their site.

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