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Is the Newsstand really going away, or merely becoming a regular folder? has Adobe ended development of Edge Animate?

Morning Brief: partnering with technology companies can be fraught with peril due to the lack of clarity provided by tech companies concerning programs changes

There has been very little publicly said by Apple concerning the fate of the Newsstand in iOS 9 since the keynote at WWDC. So I thought I would give readers an update on what I know, and let others correct this or add to it.

Newsstand-screen-ios9Word was that Newsstand is going away, to be replaced by News. But this was never quite right as News is not really a replacement, but simply a new app, one very much similar to Flipboard. What some heard was that Newsstand would be going away and existing apps would be dumped on to a reader’s display as a stand-alone app.

This might still be true, though one developer has posted a screenshot of a new Newsstand folder which acts very much like other folders, displaying the apps with their icons rather than issue covers.

But I cannot confirm that this is the way it will work. In other words, it is possible that following the release of iOS 9 the app will indeed be dumped as stand-alone apps. But when the reader creates a new folder to gather up these apps the default name assigned to it might be “Newsstand”. Make sense?

Let me give you an example of what I mean: when you create a new folder by putting two apps on top of each other Apple will assign it a name by default which the user can change. Two news stand-alone news apps, for instance, if you have NYT Now and BBC News Beat on your device and you create a new folder with the two of them, Apple will assign the name to the folder as “News” – if you don’t like it you can change it. It is possible that when you create a new folder with two Newsstand apps the name assigned will be, by default, Newsstand.

No, Apple has not done a good job of letting developers know exactly what to expect with the release of iOS 9, though as we get closer to the launch of iOS 9 I will feel more secure about downloading the latest beta and checking it out myself. At this time it feels still a little early.


Apple is not the only one failing to inform its customers of what is going on with their programs. Word is going around that Adobe has given up on Edge Animate, but there is nothing official from Adobe. The program was recently updated as part of the general updates for CC 2015 released recently, but no one would be surprised if Edge Animate is being left to die.

TNM used to use Edge Animate regularly as a way to better show navigation in digital editions, as well as for animations inside eBooks built using iBooks Author. But last year Adobe released an update for Edge that essentially broke it for all of those using it inside WordPress sites. It took awhile to finally get the work around, but by then all trust in Adobe to support the program was lost.

The alternative program, used by many, is Tumult Hype – many swear by it so it looks like I will have to buy it now (costs $49.99 for Hype 3, double that as an update to Pro). The timing is good as Hype has been redesigned for the release of Yosemite.

As for what is going on at Adobe, who knows? I used to hear from both the company and its agency all the time, but they switched team members at the agency and now both parties have been radio silent for most of 2015. My guess is that like many digital publishing platforms, Adobe is moving in new directions and digital publishers are simply not seen as a big enough market to be concerned about.

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