July 7, 2015 Last Updated 7:29 am

Forgotten Books acquires 500,000 ISBNs from Nielsen ISBN Agency

UK eBook service’s website says iOS and Android apps are “coming soon” while searchable PDFs for eReaders are available now

The press release below is the first time I have heard of Forgotten Books, likely because the company does not yet have apps for iOS and Android. The UK company’s website is a bit confusing, in one part it says “Full Membership starts from just $8.99 per month” but in another part says “full membership from just $2.99 per month.”

MobileApps-400The idea of the eBook service is obvious: providing access to older forgotten books. Now the company has apparently purchased the rights to half a million books from Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland.

Expanding its offerings is great, but the company probably should concentrate on cleaning up its website and getting those apps into the Apple App Store and Google Play. In the meantime, those that do sign up can get access to searchable PDFs.

Here is the company’s announcement concerning those 500,000 titles:

London, England – July 7, 2015 – The purchase of 500,000 ISBNs from the Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland means that Forgotten Books can continue to expand their ever growing collection, making them the publishing company to watch in 2015.

Founded in 2007 with just 1,700 titles, Forgotten Books has expanded rapidly every year, and now boasts 484,473 titles. This new purchase of ISBNs marks an expansion of the company into more traditional distribution channels with companies such as Ingram Content Group.

logo_header“We are keen to make access to our titles as simple and easy as possible,” said Oliver Forsythe, Forgotten Books’ Company Director. “That’s why the purchase of these ISBNs is so important – making Forgotten Books more accessible in both digital and print format”

While 500,000 titles may be impressive, it is only the start, as the company plans to expand their collection into the millions.

Simon Skinner, Sales Director, Nielsen Discovery Services commented – “Nielsen Book welcomes Forgotten Books as a significant new publisher intent on bringing previously out-of-print works to a wider audience.”

Forgotten Books specialises in rediscovering and republishing formerly out of print books; from famous classics of literature and philosophy, to treatises on steam engines, needlework, and blacksmithing. Included are works by well-known authors such as Homer and Mark Twain, not to mention Einstein, Da Vinci and Cicero. In addition to these well-known classics, many of the titles published by Forgotten Books have been lost in obscurity, until now unavailable to the general public.

Expect more from Forgotten Books soon as the company is set to launch their new website and a mobile app later this year.

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