July 6, 2015 Last Updated 9:11 am

NYT updates iPad and iPhone apps to improve performance

First media app updates begin to appear following the holiday break, more sure to follow after Apple’s iOS 9 release later in September

As mentioned in today’s Morning Brief, the July 4 holiday has meant that few new or updated apps will have been released late last week or early this morning. But apparently the app teams are back at work early today because app updates for The New York Times have appeared.

NYTiPad-update-7-15These updates, for NYTimes for iPad and the iPhone app, NYTimes, feel like deja vu. I swear these were released last week – possibly they were withdrawn and rereleased now.

In any case, they are both app performance improvement updates, one stating “articles will load more smoothly now. We also fixed some crashes.” The iPad update says video performance should improve with the update.

So far at least, I have not heard that the recently released iOS 8.4 update has been an issue with developers. That is good because iOS 9 is right around the corner (OK, 2 months out) and major updates always seem to break more things than they fix – at least for developers.

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