July 2, 2015 Last Updated 12:33 pm

Newest Millennial Media report attempts to quantify move to mobile by consumers

News consumption is still fairly evenly split between PC and mobile consumption, though that may be because of timing rather than device preference

As loyal TNM readers know, I have a weakness for research reports, even ones that produce very little new usable information. The reason is that so many decisions in publishing today seem to be being made based on philosophical bias (you know, print is dead, print will never die, paywalls work, the web should be open…).

So, Millennial Media’s newest report, Connected Consumers, really doesn’t say anything we shouldn’t already know: the world is going mobile. But it does put some numbers out there to back up that bias (see PDF here).


“In examining how consumers access digital content, there seem to be few surprises. More of us are using multiple devices. The devices we use to read the news, play games, and watch TV content are often smartphones and tablets,” the authors of the report say.

What the Connected Consumers points out is that most of us use both mobile devices and PCs, but the percentage of those who only use PCs us decreasing, and among younger consumers, mobile is even more important.

According to Millennial Media, the number of smartphone uses grew by 17 percent in the past year. Surprisingly, they also say that tablet usage even more, up 164 percent.


Some data begs further analysis. For instance, the report says that consumers are fairly split on the use of mobile versus PC when it comes to news content. But that may simply be a function of when consumers access news content. I know, for instance, that TNM’s audience is heavily skewed toward reading the site on PCs (Macs, actually), but that this is because readership is by far the heaviest during working hours. At night, this flips, and mobile devices get the biggest share, though not by enough to move the needle much.

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