July 1, 2015 Last Updated 2:18 pm

The Washington Post renames its iOS apps in recent updates

Now both the original iPhone and iPad apps are being called “Classic”, likely to differentiate them from any possible new apps to be launched in the near future

The Washington Post today updated its iPad app, changing its name to The Washington Post Classic for iPad. The Post made a similar update for its iPhone app, now Washington Post Classic for iPhone, last week.

WaPo-iPad-updateOne might think that calling an app “Classic” is a sure sign that the Post is about to launch new apps – and that might be the case. But they actually have called their apps “Classic”, at least internally, for a while. In 2013 the iPad app was updated to add a replica of the print edition, in addition to the news feeds coming from the website.

“The app features the new ‘Post Classic,’ which yes, is an entire replica of the broadsheet newspaper,” Cory Haik, executive producer for digital news, told Nieman Lab in 2013 at the time of the app update. “This was something users had been asking for since our first version of the iPad. They wanted the complete Washington Post. The mobile teams worked hard to create something that delivered across the board. It’s more than a PDF reader — we thought a lot about the UX and flow from the ‘Post Classic’ version into our iPad reading experience.”

So maybe the renaming signifies nothing at all – but I doubt it. It’s likely the Post has something up its sleeve, likely the launch of apps closer in design to the app released in Amazon’s app store last year (and labeled ‘New’).

The Post has not been a very active app developer. In addition to its iPad app, found still in the Newsstand, and its stand-along iPhone news app, the Post only has two other apps. DC Rider is a mass transportation app for the iPhone, and Poll Watch is an iPhone app that is subtitled Capital Insight.

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