June 30, 2015 Last Updated 1:20 pm

Valassis and RSi team up to provide brand marketers digital campaign analysis on store sales

LIVONIA, Mich. & MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – June 30, 2015 — Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery, and Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), a global point-of-sale analytics leader, today announced an alliance that allows retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to reach and attract local shoppers while maximizing the return on investment for digital campaigns. Valassis is adding the ansa solution into its media capabilities, which cost-effectively measures the impact of digital marketing campaigns on store sales.

Val-logo-180“This alliance is truly a win for our customers. With ansa powered by RSi integrated into our digital offerings, we will be able to measure sales impact of our clients’ digital campaigns at the store level and make adjustments in-flight to ensure maximum effectiveness and optimization,” said Cali Tran, President of Valassis Digital. “This is another example of how Valassis Digital utilizes innovative technology to deliver real, repeatable and measurable results that solve our customers’ sophisticated needs.”

Leveraging daily sales and inventory from more than 120 retailers in 150,000 store locations worldwide, ansa is the first solution that enables brand marketers and agencies to cost-effectively measure automated impact of digital marketing campaigns on store sales, every day, for any store location within their marketing footprint. By combining RSi’s robust point-of-sale and inventory data with the vast experience and distribution reach of Valassis, the integrated service brings to market a strong digital advertising suite that delivers seamless results, ROI and efficient deployment of resources, resulting in more satisfied consumers.

“We are excited to work with Valassis to bring their customers a new level of in-store insights and tangible proof that their digital investments are generating significant returns,” said Michael Quinn, General Manager, Digital-to-Store ROI at RSi. “ansa is a true game-changer for brand marketers and agencies. For the first time, marketers can measure how their advertising efforts impact sales every day at any location within their marketed footprint.”

The Valassis-RSi alliance builds on existing Valassis relationships with Oracle® Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix®), Integral Ad Science, Flashtalking and others to create an efficient, effective, and strategic media delivery system.

Source: Valassis

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