June 29, 2015 Last Updated 11:06 am

Media app updates: first update for BuzzFeed News; CNN bug fix updates for iPad, iPhone apps

Fast Company Daily and NPR for iPad, both of which are for bug fixes

The new news app from BuzzFeed received its first appp update today. BuzzFeed News is the more serious app from the online news site, its other app being called simply BuzzFeed.

Buzzfeed-iPhone6-380The app has gotten mostly positive reviews so far, with most of the negative reviews coming from users who consider BuzzFeed a “far left news” organization, meaning they have reported recently on the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling. Better, in their eyes, to just not report the news, I guess.

Like a lot of newer apps, BuzzFeed is trying to have fun with its app description text. This approach doesn’t always work, but it better than some of the traditional magazine companies that take the opposite approach and say nothing other than a less than heart felt “thank you” followed by no information on why the update was released.

Here is the update information for BuzzFeed News:

What’s New in Version 1.0.1
In this update:

  • Ever wondered what we mean by “Major Breaking News” or what kinds of alerts we sent to “Business & Technology”? Tap on a category and we’ll show you a list of recent alerts.
  • If you adjust your text size in iOS settings, that will now be reflected in the app. Not squinting, for the win.
  • We improved the sharing flows for Facebook and WhatsApp. Twitter improvements coming next!
  • And we made some behind-the-scenes changes and fixes to keep your BuzzFeed News app humming along smoothly

Now back your regularly scheduled programming.

CNN has issued updates for both its CNN for iPad and CNN for iPhone apps. Both appear to be minor bug fix updates.

CNN is still recovering, of course, from its embarrassing “dildo flag” episode, where it swears it saw an ISIS flag at a gay pride parade in London. Making mistakes is not that big a deal, but when they are so obviously caused by the network’s desire to spread fear it becomes a big deal. A news network can deal with criticism, but when they are laughing at you, you know you are in trouble.

America deserves a decent TV news channel, and my bet is that it will get one some day, but it won’t appear on cable, it will appear on one or more of the TV box top devices (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast) first and come from a news brand we are familiar with (hey Mr. Thompson, you have a little experience at the Beeb, don’t you?).

Other media app updates released today are for Fast Company Daily and NPR for iPad, both of which are for bug fixes.

It should also be mentioned, since Apple will be unveiling its Apple Music service tomorrow, that Spotify issued an update today for its iOS app, Spotify Music. The update adds a feature called Spotify Running which “gives you a non-stop mix of music you love – all perfectly in time with your run.”

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