June 26, 2015 Last Updated 7:53 am

Muster Magazine, a new graphic arts digital magazine from Spain

Native digital magazine intends to publish quarterly, with the premiere issue available free of charge to download and review

The best way to see a new magazine is to not read a new magazine. At least for me. That is why I very rarely talk about the editorial content of the newspaper and magazine digital editions featured here – that is up to the readers and other journalists to judge.

That is also why featuring new digital magazines not written in English, good ones, can be such a joy.

Muster-articleThat is a long way of saying that you should check out a new graphic design magazine from Spain called Muster Magazine. The new Apple Newsstand app actually appears to be the second app released by the publishing team, the first app, called simply Muster, is a stand-alone app and probably a kind of experiment.

The new magazine, according to its app description, is scheduled to appear quarterly, and the one issue currently found inside the app’s library is free to access. The file size is very modest, kept down by a design that only works in portrait, and the lack of video content. The animated cover is probably the only element of the digital magazine that boosts the file size much.

Update: The other reason the issue is so small, Sergio Ortiz told TNM today, is that they are still working on the issue and consider what is there now a beta version. Later on Friday the final issue was ready and you can download it now. The file size ended up being a little over 200 MB. I have updated the walk-through video, seen below, as well.

“MUSTER is the first digital and interactive national graphic communications magazine for iPad,” the app description states (though in Spanish).

“MUSTER gathers and displays multiple contents on graphic design, illustration, typography, photography, animation … makes known designers, but especially people. Subjects are characterized by transparency of information. It is a space for reflection and dialogue, courageous, direct, unfiltered.”

Not the best translation, but you get the point.

It’s been a while since I made a walk-through video to show readers what to expect. I’ve kept this one especially short as the magazine itself only contains a few features.

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