June 24, 2015 Last Updated 2:54 pm

Playster, still in beta, signs up audiobook company Findaway for media subscription service

Another streaming service is ramping up, planning to launch sometime this summer: Playster. Right now the service is in beta, but there are supposedly iOS and Android apps coming soonish.

Playster-booksIn preparation, Playster is signing content deals… otherwise what would they have to offer subscribers?

Playster, based in Montreal, though their website says NYC (guess investors like that more), plans on charging $15.95 a month for unlimited access to games, movies, music and books. What those are will be determined by the deals it can swing. Playster signed on News Corp owned HarperCollins in March, Harlequin in April (nice one, HarperCollins owns Harlequin), and Simon & Schuster that same month (OK, that was indeed a new one).

Today, Playster announced a deal with the audiobook company Findaway. They’ll have to sign a lot more deals, though, if they really want to offer movies, music and games along with eBooks, and it’s almost July (the company’s media kit says they have some deals in place for movies and games, including one with Paramount). Supposedly the company is well funded, but I could find no information online about just how well funded they are.

The problem with services such as this, of course, is that the key to success is the company’s ability to sign content deals, then convince consumers to join – low barrier to entry, huge barrier to success. That means spending a ton of dollars on marketing, something tech start-ups did like crazy in the late ’90s when flush with VC money, but seen far less today. (That’s why funding is so important – to beat out Netflix, Apple, Next Issue, Oyster, Amazon, Google, and the like won’t happen on the cheap.)

Here is Playster’s announcement:

MONTREAL, Quebec — June 24, 2015 — Playster, the all-inclusive digital multimedia streaming platform, announced their partnership with the world’s leading provider of audiobook content and technology: Findaway. Having inked partnerships previously with eBook publishers such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins Publishers and Harlequin, the Playster service is quickly becoming a key member in the all-inclusive digital media streaming community.

playster-logo-220The catalog of audiobooks available through Findaway’s AudioEngine will include a list of 50,000 titles and is set to launch in conjunction with the Playster App. Readers can expect titles from Penguin Random House Audio including Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. HarperCollins Audio will also feature titles, including Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. This is the first audiobooks partnership announcement from Playster furthering their growth within the literary community.

Erika Khanna, PR spokesperson for Playster said, “Our partnership with Findaway adds a robust audiobook option to our already extensive books catalog and we are thrilled to let subscribers know they will soon have access to the audiobooks portion of the streaming service. Playster looks to the future of media which makes the audiobooks portion of the service a very exciting next step for us.”

With the official Playster app scheduled to launch in the late summer of 2015, users will soon have unlimited access to movies, TV, music, video games, eBook and audiobooks for a monthly subscription fee. Content will be completely ad-free and will work on virtually any Internet-enabled device; the service has limitless potential, continually evolving to provide its community with new content, features and device compatibility.

To access the BETA Playster and start your 30 day free trial visit: http://www.playster.com/

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