June 24, 2015 Last Updated 9:59 am

GateHouse Media to work with Garcia Media on cross-platform website redesigns

The newspaper chain GateHouse Media today said it had agreed to work with the media consulting firm <strong>Garcia Media on redesigns for its more than 460 local media websites.

SacBee-newwebTNM readers may well recognize the Garcia Media name. The Tampa, Florida based firm was founded by Dr. Mario R. García, who is also a Senior Adviser for News Design and Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Garcia Media was first mentioned here at TNM in a story appearing over three years ago that discussed a new app for BAMM.tv. That app was the work of the now shuttered Joe Zeff Design.

More recently, in mid-May, TNM mentioned Garcia Media as the design partner that had worked with McClatchy on redesigns for its website. We’ll have to wait and see if GateHouse Media gets a unique look, or one that is close to that produced for the Sacramento Bee.

By the way, Garcia Media also has its own daily blog which would definitely be of interest to TNM readers – you can find it here.

Here is the announcement for the GateHouse Media websites:

AUSTIN, Texas – June 24, 2015 — GateHouse Media, LLC has selected García Media, led by internationally recognized CEO and founder Dr. Mario García, to redesign the Company’s more than 460 local media sites.

The cross-platform redesign is expected to deliver a more modern and interactive user experience to the millions of readers of GateHouse Media’s phone, tablet and desktop products.

García Media has consulted with more than 700 media firms in 121 countries on web and print design projects. The GateHouse Media project will be one of its largest to date.

A central focus will be on delivering news and other valuable content in formats more suited for GateHouse Media’s increasing mobile audience. The redesign also seeks to provide advertisers with new and more innovative and effective ways to present their brands to visitors.

“We’re thrilled to be working with García Media. Their focus on creating a great consumer experience and their insights with regard to mobile product design align with our goal of strengthening our mobile products and overall brand experience,” said Kirk Davis, CEO of GateHouse Media.

“We at García Media are happy to have this opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at GateHouse Media,” said Mario García. “GateHouse is an ambitious group where the word ‘expansion’ is essential to daily operations. We envision the synergies we can share as we rethink the Company’s websites to accommodate the flow of news in so many communities; audiences are constantly engaged in this era of the ‘media quintet,’ connecting to smartphones, tablets, computers, print publications and now smartwatches for information.”

Planning for the project is underway and GateHouse Media plans to launch the first sites on the new design in early 2016.

“García Media has a tremendous reputation in the news industry, having redesigned hundreds of newspapers and websites” said David Arkin, Senior Vice President of Content & Product Development for GateHouse Media. “Their work is top notch. We love that this project isn’t just about improving the look of our sites but also improving our content strategies and helping us evolve those strategies specifically in mobile.”

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