June 23, 2015 Last Updated 10:30 am

Local World launches 10 regional newspaper evening edition apps

Created using Kaldor’s Pugpig publishing platform, the apps have been launched exclusively into the Google Play app store

The idea of the evening paper seems to be making a comeback. At least as far as the evening paper in digital form is concerned.

LW-tab-lgEarly on, following the release of the original iPad, a couple papers experimented with creating an evening digital edition. The Orange County Register, when it was still owned by the original Freedom Communications, launched an evening edition was eventually called The Peel. That app was pulled as the paper made cutbacks and was eventually sold.

If there is one lesson we’ve learned over the past five and a half years, it is that publishers need to be more patient when it comes to their digital edition experiments. That is a hard lesson to learn when the assumption is that things move faster with digital.

Yesterday, the folks behind the Pugpig digital publishing platform, Kaldor, were nice enough to forward a notice about ten new regional news apps from Local World which are resurrecting the idea of the evening digital edition. The apps were all launched exclusively into the Google Play app store.

What is attractive about the evening edition is that it is a round-up of all the (working) days news. But old time evening editions were deadlined very early in the day to accomodate printing and delivery. A digital evening edition doesn’t require such a long lead time and so can include that day’s final stocks, news from abroad, etc. It could even include a story on that afternoon’s Cubs game, assuming they were at home and playing a day game.

Here is the announcement from Kaldor for the app effort:

Kaldor and Local World work in partnership to deliver ten new regional news apps in under seven weeks

London, UK – June 22, 2015 — Kaldor and Local World are celebrating the launch of ten new fully-interactive, regional newspaper apps using Pugpig. In just seven weeks the companies have conceived, designed, built and launched the Android-first titles which offer readers a brand new digital-only evening edition of their local newspaper on their phones and tablets.

BP-devicesLaunching today are new evening editions for the Bristol Post, Cambridge News, Derby Telegraph, Gloucestershire Echo, Hull Daily Mail, Leicester Mercury, Nottingham Post, South Wales Evening Post, The Sentinel and The Plymouth Herald. Published Monday – Friday at 5pm, the new regional apps offer readers a collection of the most popular news stories from throughout the day.

Kaldor and Local World also worked closely with Google ensuring that the launch was a rapid and smooth process. iPad and iPhone versions of the apps will also be available soon.

Matt Kelly, Group Digital Director at Local World says “So many readers and journalists grew up with the evening edition of their local paper being the pulse of their city. We’ve taken the essence of this and worked very hard with Google to develop a simple and brilliant new set of apps that will inform and entertain our readers on their way back from work every evening.”

Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor says “To launch even a single app used to be a time consuming and costly exercise, but not any more. Our work with Local World shows that with Pugpig, we are now able to build beautiful and feature-rich content apps in a matter of days, without compromise.”

Source: Kaldor

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