June 23, 2015 Last Updated 12:02 pm

First look: BBC Newsbeat launches its first mobile apps for the iPhone and Android

BBC’s Newsbeat is aimed at 16 to 24 year olds, and the app features a wide range of news content, though it leans heavily towards entertainment, sports and lifestyle content

The BBC today launched a new iPhone and Android app for its youth news program (or is that programme?) Newsbeat. The app is targeted at a UK audience, but the app is available in all markets and its content is fairly regionally neutral until you get to sportsd (and even then it is not so regional).

BBCNewsbeat-1“Newsbeat is the best place for young adults to get their news,” said Newsbeat’s Editor, Louisa Compton. “The new app will make it even easier for our audience to get the news that’s important and relevant to them at the touch of a button. We’ll focus on the news we know our audience care about and present it in an accessible way – be it our own, original stories on issues that affect 16 to 24 year olds, entertainment news or what everyone is talking about online. Download it and let us know what you think.”

Newsbeat is heard on BBC Radio 1 twice a day in a 15 minute long program. The app therefore relies less on the content from the radio broadcast than content pulled from what is available online. News categories lean heavily on entertainment, but also include politics, tech and sports. There is also a category called Newsbeaa Investigates which currently has stories on same sex marriage laws in Europe, and one on why teens are preferring to study on Saturdays rather than take jobs.

BBCNewsbeat-2“We won’t just be writing text articles. Video is key,” Compton wrote on the BBC blog. “We know you are increasingly watching videos on your mobiles and tablets and longer films at home later in the day. We are beginning to make some fantastic films and short-form documentaries and I hope you check them out on our new site as well as our YouTube channel. From our regular “sex or chocolate” feature to short form documentaries on drag kings or Generation Rent. We also do fantastic explainers on subjects like why we cry or how to get the best out of revision.”

The app appears in the Apple App Store under developer account Media Applications Technologies Limited, and in Google Play under a similarly named account, Media Applications Technologies for the BBC. This account is usually where the BBC launches its foreign language service apps, though Google Play also contains the BBC Media Player where as the app is only available for iOS in the UK App Store.

The Newsbeat app and it contents are, as you might expect, free of charge.

Here are the download links: Apple App StoreGoogle Play.

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