June 22, 2015 Last Updated 8:28 am

Swyft Media hears market cry, launches Ginger Emoji Keyboard

Swyft Media Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings

Of all the things to worry about in the world today, one would think that the fact that Apple doesn’t offer redhead emojis would be far down the list. But in my household, the lack of rehead emojis has actually come up in conversation. Once.

Well, gingers, have no fear, your emojis are here.

NEW YORK, NY – June 22, 2015 — Swyft Media, the company driving the emojification of brand marketing, helping brands and advertisers become a part of the world’s largest conversation, today announced the Swyft Ginger Emoji Keyboard. Available as a free download on the Apple® iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, the Ginger Emoji Keyboard answers the cry from redheads everywhere who have felt snubbed by the lack of redheaded emoji. Since the Unicode Consortium chose not to include a redheaded emoji in its recent update, there has been uproar across the Internet and social media – and even a petition making the rounds to create a redheaded emoji. Swyft Media has responded to the public outcry with The Swyft “Ginger Emoji Keyboard” which includes 16 different redheaded images for users everywhere to spread the redhead love with their friends across any iOS or Android compatible social media and/or mobile messaging application. Swyft Media Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc..

“Emoji are quickly becoming the primary conversation currency in mobile messaging. Everyone wants the ability to personalize their chats and online presence with an emoji – whether that be a consumer or a brand,” said Evan Wray, co-founder, general manager and vice president at Swyft Media. “We’re happy that we’ve been able to create a way for redheads to join the emoji party.”

Swyft Media works with brands to create emoji that mobile users actually want to share, driving brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand advocacy in the place where most young consumers live today – mobile messaging and social media applications. Swyft Emoji Keyboards help brands and advertisers create a fun, non-intrusive and emotional connection with consumers by allowing them to take their favorite character, brand, sports team or icon with them wherever they go. Whether consumers are using iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat or any other number of messaging apps, they now have the power to share content from their favorite branded emoji keyboard.

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