June 22, 2015 Last Updated 9:47 am

Ahold launches branded grocery magazine, releases four stand-alone apps into the App Store

Savory magazine will publish quarterly, and is modeled on the Dutch grocery magazine Allerhande, which was also created by the content marketing company MPG Concepts

The grocery company Ahold has launched a new magazine, Savory, which will be branded with the names of the various grocery chains under its ownership. Last week four different apps were released in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Savory-cover-iPadAhold is a Dutch based retailer that owns the Giant Foods, Stop and Shop and Peapod brands. Because of its different grocery brands, it has launched four identical apps for its different brands: Savory Magazine by Stop & Shop, Savory Magazine by Giant Foods, Savory Magazine by Martin’s Foods, and Savory Magazine by Giant Good (of Maryland).

The company made the announcement at FMI in Chicago earlier this month, and the first issue of the new quarterly magazine appeared last week.

Ahold is working with MPG Concepts, a Dutch content marketing company, on the print magazine, with the apps coming from YUDU.

Savory-iPhoneThe found apps are each stand-alone apps, a wise move considering that the Apple Newsstand will be eliminated in the fall. The apps, like other grocery apps, allow the reader to access the issues and subscribe without charge.

Rather than concentrating on creating a native digital edition, the publisher appears to have concentrated on creating some video content for their digital editions. These recipe videos are hosted off app on YouTube. Otherwise, the digital editions are replicas, hard to read on an iPad mini, impossible on an iPhone without resorting to the dreaded pinch-to-zoom. (The replica almost fits the screen of the iPad, but is very much missized for the iPhone, with thick black bars needed to fill up the screen.)

The premiere issue of Savory is 120 pages in size and the design based on Allerhande, the Dutch magazine from Ahold that has a replica edition app inside the app stores under the Media Partners Group (now just called MPG) developer account name.

“Savory was designed to help make every day a little fresher, a little easier and a little more delicious for our busy customers. It is a go-to guide with recipes and meal solutions that will help customers save time, save money, and eat well,” Amy Hahn, SVP, marketing at Ahold, said.

(Hahn, by the way, has just joined Ahold, having been in marketing at Hershey’s for the past 24 years.)

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