June 18, 2015 Last Updated 3:26 pm

Wenner Media, publisher of Rolling Stone, makes cuts to staff

The publisher of Rolling Stone and US Weekly quietly confirmed that the company was cutting staff. Reports vary as to the severity of the cuts but they range anywhere from a dozen employees to ten percent of staff, but a spokeswoman said they came from both the editorial and business sides.

Wenner-coversThe company is still reeling from the controversy at Rolling Stone when the magazine was was forced to retract a story on an alleged rape at the University of Virginia.

Rolling Stone managed to maintain its rate base (1.45 million) with its last publishers statement, though both print single copy and subscriptions fell. But a rise in single copy digital sales, attributable to readership from Next Issue helped reach goal.

The same situation occured at US Weekly, where single copy digital went from 6.639 to 45,306 in one year thanks to Next Issue readership. But single copy newsstand sales went from 453,316 in the December 2013 statement to 334,416 in the December 2014 statement. The difference, which helped the magazine maintain its 1.95 million rate base, was made up in new print subscription sales.

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