June 17, 2015 Last Updated 9:22 am

Oyster updates Android and iOS apps, adds custom Lumin mode

Light adjustment feature allows automatic and custom changes to the amount of blue light coming from your device’s screen

The digital books service Oyster today issued updates for their Android and iOS apps. The update is centered on improving the reading experience of the apps at night, introducing what it calls its Lumin mode.

Oyster-lumensWhat’s New in Version 2.2
Picture this: It’s the end of the day, and you climb into bed and tuck yourself under the covers. You read page after page on your phone or tablet until you drift off to sleep. But the next morning, you wake up feeling groggy and tired. You might think it’s your typical book hangover (those exist, right?) but studies show that nighttime reading on screens that emit blue light can keep you awake longer and make you super tired the next morning.

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of enjoying a good book, so we set out to fix that. This release introduces a feature that makes reading at night on your phone or tablet as warm and soft as your favorite flannel sheets. It’s called Lumin and we think you’re going to love it.

Here’s more…

◇ Features ◇

  • The best way to read at night. Turn Lumin to ‘Auto’ mode and Oyster will use your location and the time of day to automatically adjust the amount of blue light coming from your screen as the sun sets and rises. Just turn it on once, add your location, and never think about it again.
  • Custom Lumin mode. You can also choose to adjust your Lumin tone & temperature settings manually. Change light level based on what looks good to you, and choose from a range of lower-contrast backgrounds. Custom settings stay constant throughout the day.
  • Two new (beautiful!) Reader Themes. We’ve added ‘Ace’ and ‘Highline,’ just in time for your summer rooftop and backyard reading.

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