June 12, 2015 Last Updated 3:42 pm

Primetals Technologies Austria releases two native tablet magazines into the Newsstand

Metals Magazine and Metal Technologies both use the Adobe DPS to build native digital magazines, both designed to be read in landscape orientation

The news that Apple will kill off the Newsstand does not mean there won’t be new titles released into the mechanism as publishers and developers have surely been working on new apps before the news broke. Two new titles that appeared this week are from By Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, a new company that the app description says is “a join-venture engineering and plant building enterprise comprised of the former Siemens VAI Metals Technologies and Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery.”

MetalsMag-1The two company magazines are Metals Magazine and Metals Technologies, both nearly identical in design, and both built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Company magazines are almost always superior to the efforts of commercial magazine companies, it is sad to say. The reason may be that the purpose of the digital magazines are very different: one promotional, the other must make a profit itself, and usually one is produced less frequently.

But I also think that the other reason is that the company produced magazines are often designed for digital devices right from the start and are free of the burden of their print pasts.

I stumbled upon these two excellent digital publishing efforts while checking on the apps produced by BNP Media, the company that today announced that it had acquired the former McGraw-Hill B2B magazines Engineering News-Record and Architectural Record. McGraw-Hill had been slow to produce Newsstand apps for their magazines but eventually they released what I called enhanced replica editions: replicas that also included some links and some added multimedia content.

The new owner, BNP Media, has no apps inside the Newsstand, but has instead released some news apps for their titles, drawing into the apps the content from the magazine’s website.

Neither approach is very satisfying, and neither really serves the reader of the print magazine as that reader transitions to digital.

These new native digital magazines from Primetals Technologies are far better examples of where the future lies for B2B digital magazines, though it is likely that companies will remain far ahead of B2B publishers in regards to digital publishing.

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