June 11, 2015 Last Updated 9:11 am

Greek state TV returns two years after former pro-austerity government pulled the plug

Dracula is dead: Sir Christopher Lee, actor whose career spanned six decade, famous for starring in series of horror films, is dead at 93

The Greek state television station, ERT, is back on the air, two years after going black as part of austerity measures instituted by the prior government. The “Morning News” began at 06.00 with the national anthem on ERT1 (EPT in Greek).

EPT-1“It’s a special day for all Greeks, for philhellenes, for those who love Greece and for those who love freedom of information,” Nikos Aggelidis, the first show’s anchor, is said to have begun his broadcast.

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation was shuttered on June 11 2013, with the government of Antonis Samaras proposing the establishment of New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television, or NERIT, as a replacement. But with the January election bringing in SYRIZA, with Alexis Tsipras in as Prime Minister, the government reversed itself and said all of the approximately 2,500 staff, including 600 journalists, will be rehired. Its return will be funded through a €3 surcharge added to electricity bills.

In a statement, Greece’s government called the return of ERT “a victory for democracy”.

Lee-Dracula_1958Actor Sir Christopher Lee died today, he was 93.

Although he appeared recently is such films as ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’, he is likely best known for his work in the late fifties when he starred in a series of horror films including The Curse of Frankenstein, Corridors of Blood (co-starring Boris Karloff), and in 1958 Dracula.

Lee said that after these films he was practically blackmailed into doing subsequent films, made to feel guilty for not wanting to do them as the cast and crew would be put out of work. “Emotional blackmail. That’s the only reason I did them,” Lee said.

NYPost-83Yesterday, the newspaperman Vincent Musetto, who wrote one of the industry’s most famous headline, died at age 74. The April 15, 1983 edition of the New York Post featured the front page headline “Headless Body in Topless Bar” in what became probably the tabloid’s most famous bit of yellow journalism.

“Someone said it might be a topless bar, but we weren’t sure, and then the idea of the headline came around, so we were really questioning to make sure it was a topless bar,” Musetto told People magazine in 1987.

In the same tradition, the Daily Mail today writes “Neighbour from hell, 53, threw slimming magazines over garden fence and oinked like a pig in four-year hate campaign.”

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