June 10, 2015 Last Updated 7:44 am

POLITICO.eu launches app for European edition of print newsweekly

App uses the PageSuite platform to create a news app that pulls content from the website, as well as provides a replica edition of the print newsweekly

The European print newsweekly edition of POLITICO recently launched an app into the Apple Newsstand. POLITICO.eu offers reads free access to content from the political news website, as well as a replica edition of the weekly newspaper. The app comes from PageSuite.

PoliticoEU-iPadThe app is quite different from the apps for the U.S. news organization which has two separate versions: POLITICO for iPad and the iPhone app, just called POLITICO. Both apps are stand-alone apps.

Of course, with the demise of the Newsstand, expected to become reality in late September with the release of iOS 9, both apps could end up side-by-side on a users device.

“Flip your device and read the newspaper as a double-page spread or full screen single page, tap the page selector to choose a specific page to fast-navigate to. You can also download and save individual pages to enjoy offline and when you are on the go,” the app description states.

PoliticoEU-iPad-tocUsers of the app can subscribe to get their weekly issues to download automatically, but the content is free to access even without any subscription.

But users of the app will likely, after downloading the replica copy of the newsweekly, look to see if the same stories are available in the web portion of the app as the replica only provides pinch-to-zoom as a way to increase the size of the fonts to a readable size (and who likes to have to use pinch-to-zoom?).

What’s odd about comparing the two apps – the U.S. and the European version – is that they approach building apps for both the iPhone and iPad in opposite, and rather illogical, ways. The U.S. version has two separate apps for the iPhone and iPad, yet they are essentially the same news apps. The European version is one app, universal, yet because it offers the same app for both devices, iPhone users really get the short end of the stick. It would be far better if the app for the iPhone simply gave readers access to the web content rather than try to also present a replica of the print newsweekly.

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