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AOL’s MapQuest to partner with Mapbox to on interactive maps for consumers and B2B clients

DENVER, Colo. – June 9, 2015 — MapQuest, Inc. and AOL Inc. today announced their continued commitment to simplify the Internet for consumers and creators by outlining investments to MapQuest’s entire suite of mapping applications and services throughout the remainder of 2015.

In addition, MapQuest is partnering with Mapbox, a company focused on making interactive and customizable maps. The partnership is aimed at creating fully adaptable, fast-loading, and responsive maps for MapQuest’s world-class mapping solutions. This commercial agreement allows MapQuest to leverage Mapbox’s highly detailed and visually stunning maps tailored to meet the individual needs of its users and business-to-business clients.

UnknownMapQuest maintains over 20% market share of the domestic consumer mapping market and, in the past year, has seen the first year-over-year traffic growth since 2007, according to ComScore, following the rollout of a new mobile app experience, an innovative commute application, rich business listings enhancements, and several significant partnerships. In addition, MapQuest currently serves thousands of business clients with their geospatial platform solutions for developers. MapQuest continues to see year-over-year revenue and customer growth on its B2B services.

Throughout the remainder of 2015, the team will roll out a significant number of product updates to both consumer applications and developer tools.

Upcoming Consumer Application Enhancements

  • A faster, more responsive MapQuest.com for mobile and desktop
  • New tablet experience to leverage MapQuest’s fastest growing platform
  • New mobile experiences including enhanced features for urban users
  • The intersection of content and utility will continue in all MapQuest consumer products with top partners such Priceline.com™, OpenTable™, SeatGeek™, and more

These updates will include a refreshed brand and user experience, in which the new Mapbox partnership will play a critical role.

Enhancements to Developer Tools and New Developer Experience

  • Enhanced API service layer, powered by Apigee™, with enhanced analytics, documentation, and provisioning services
  • New self-service storefront allowing any developer to access MapQuest’s entire suite of APIs with a credit card in less than three minutes
  • Continuous iteration in all products, including MapQuest’s global, world-class geocoder
  • Later this year, the Mapbox partnership will greatly enhance MapQuest’s comprehensive suite of design and customization tools including satellite and terrain imagery

“MapQuest’s legacy and success is driven by innovation,” said Brian McMahon, General Manager of MapQuest. “Our partnership with Mapbox is a great example of this and will further enable us to offer our business partners and users an enhanced, fully customizable and responsive experience that is rich in detail and easy-to-read.”

“We provide building blocks,” said Eric Gundersen, CEO of Mapbox. “It’s awesome to work with the MapQuest team while they design their next-gen products using our new maps stack. What I have seen from their team so far looks stunning”.

To learn more about MapQuest’s business solutions, visit: MapQuestforBusiness.com

Source: MapQuest

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