June 8, 2015 Last Updated 7:29 am

Apple releases its News Publisher guidelines for including content in the upcoming News app

Apple’s News app will launch in the fall with the release of iOS 9, but publishers can sign-up now to get approved and submit their RSS feeds

The keynote event at WWDC and now Apple is beginning to release futher details regarding its new News app which will be launched with iOS 9 in the fall.

news-publisher-iconIn order to have one’s content included in the News app, a publisher, blogger or anyone else, has to sign up with Apple. The program is called News Publisher, and it uses the format content is structured is called Apple News Format (great, more terms to learn!).

“It’s easy to get started with News,” Apple news support pages states. “Anyone from major news organizations to magazines, blogs, and more can sign up to deliver their content to News. Register to submit your RSS feeds to News.”

The whole platform appears to work through the Apple developer site, and a publisher will need an Apple ID to sign in (but not necessarily a developer license, it appears).

“News offers an environment that combines the rich, immersive design of our photography, artwork and editorial expertise with the interactivity and dynamism of digital media — it’s stunning,” said Bob Sauerberg, President of Condé Nast in Apple’s press release for News.

The details concerning monetization are now revealed on the Apple website, much as outlined by the Financial Times on Friday.

“Monetization is made simple with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform,” the Apple support pages states. “Earn 100 percent of the revenue from ads you sell, and 70 percent when iAd sells ads for you. iAd provides campaign management, targeting and reporting capabilities that help drive your business.”

There is an FAQ page, though some of the links to it are currently dead (you can find it here). There you will find some answers to exactly what this is all about – here are a few of the questions answered:

The News app:

  1. What is News?
    News is an iOS app that brings together high-quality news, magazines, and blogs in a single beautiful content experience. News is built into iOS 9.
  2. When will News be available?
    News is currently available to developers in the iOS 9 Developer Beta. News will be available to the public in iOS 9.

News Publisher

  1. What is News Publisher?
    News Publisher is an iCloud-based website where you can sign up as a News publisher, add RSS feeds, and manage your channels, members, and publisher information.
  2. Can I distribute content on News?
    Yes. The sign-up and distribution processes are the same for everyone, whether you’re part of a company or you’re self-published.
  3. Do I need an Apple ID? How do I create one?
    Yes, you’ll need an Apple ID in order to sign up and distribute content on Apple News.
    To create an Apple ID, visit News Publisher. Click the “Create one now” link below the Apple ID and password fields, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple News Format

  1. What is Apple News Format?
    We’re working on bringing you a brand new format you can use to create signature content for News. With Apple News Format, you’ll be able to create beautifully crafted layouts with custom typography, rich photo galleries, videos, and animations. Author once and News will optimize your content for all iOS devices. You’ll also be able to connect your existing content management systems to News, and get access to a rich suite of tools for measuring user engagement.
  2. How can I publish articles in Apple News Format?
    Apple News Format is coming soon. For now, you can add your RSS feeds to News.


  1. How can I monetize my content?
    You can monetize your Apple News Format content with iAd, Apple’s advertising platform. Whether you sell your own ads or have iAd sell on your behalf, you’ll earn revenue from every impression in your articles and channels.
  2. Can I monetize with iAd in my RSS channel?
    No. iAd only supports monetization with advertising in Apple News Format content.
  3. How much revenue can I earn when monetizing with iAd?
    Keep 100% of the revenue from the ads you sell in your articles or channel, or 70% if iAd sells the ads for you. You can also earn revenue from ads sold by iAd that appear in Apple-curated topic feeds, such as Fashion or Technology.

If it sounds to you that this may be really about jumpstarting iAd, you aren’t alone. Apple has not done will in the advertising space. One assumed, back in 2010, that Apple might want to help out publishes by setting up its own ad network to sell ads into digital editions, but little came of it. Now, advertising inside the News app is all about iAd.


Note: Talking New Media went ahead and registered with Apple in order to learn about the procedures. It’s very easy, but you’ll need two things to complete the process: at least one RSS feed to submit, and a logo that needs to be no less than 256K, but should be 2048 pixels in width (that’s the width of a retina display iPad). The whole process took about five minutes. At the end Apple says they will review the application.

Update: I’ve been asked a couple of times already if the new News app is an offshoot of PRSS. If you are familiar with the TRVL app you will see that the two look very different, but one never knows. Maybe Jochem or Michel will say something at some point about what they are doing at Apple and if News is a project they work on. (I doubt it, though.)

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    Forget the ads. Does Apple provide a way to charge for subscriptions using this new News App?

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    Very interesting!