June 5, 2015 Last Updated 12:10 pm

Red Magazine Gibraltar, the country’s first digital football magazine, hits the Newsstand

FIFA updated its iPad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but not for the Women’s World Cup which starts this Saturday

The FIFA Women’s World Cup begins on Satuday with the opening match between Canada and China. In preparation for the event, FIFA updated its iPad app in April for…

… the men’s World Cup to be held in 2018.

Honestly, it is hard to believe that FIFA could go much lower, but it apparently is completely unaware that there is a World Cup about to begin this weekend. Maybe the problem is that its leader, still, is Sepp Blatter. Blatter said he would resign, but he will likely remain the head of FIFA until next year unless further revelations come out.

“Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts” – Sepp Blatter

So, don’t expect a new app for this year’s World Cup event, at least not one from FIFA.

There have been a few new digital magazines released lately that focus on the sport. Less than a month ago TNM wrote about AS Color, the Spanish football magazine (see TNM post here).

ASColor-coverThe app use the Tablet Planet digital publishing platform to create its Newsstand app and is worth checking out, especially if you read Spanish.

Another recently released digital edition comes from Egmont Magasiner for GOAL, the Danish football magazine. GOAL is a plain jane PDF replica of the print magazine, and unless you are Danish and miss the homeland, there is no reason to waste much time with this one.

One that is far more interesting, and just recently released, is for Red Magazine Gibraltar, described as “Gibraltar’s first multi-platform digital football magazine.” I have no doubt about that.

The magazine appears under the Aptus Interactive Ltd developer account, which has 20 apps now inside the App Store, most of them in the Newsstand. And like AS Color, many of the digital magazines are designed to be read in landscape. The link in the app description goes to digifi.it, which I assume is the same company. I ran into this same situation when discussing Inner Circle – Regent’s University London Alumni Magazine about six months ago.

Red-coverAccording to the app, the actual digital publishing platform used here is Kindmags, which was one of those companies I could never get to answer my inquiries and so do not appear inside TNM’s Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms.

The magazine reads like an eBook in that most of the pages are sized to the screen with no scrolling down within articles. Instead, all the digital elements fit within the screen including scroll text boxes, embedded video, text that can be revealed through swiping, and the like.

While the app is universal, you really would want to read this on an iPad, though I suppose an iPhone Plus might work, too.

Red Magazine, which is an English language publication, likely has a print component to it as there are ads to be found inside this digital edition, and a number of them look like they had to be adjusted to make them work in landscape.

Returning to the subject of the Women’s World Cup for a moment, the event is a bit controversial as FIFA has approved the idea that all the games be played on artificial turf. Now, I don’t know how soccer you have played in your life, but the idea of playing on artificial turf would scare the hell out of me, and certainly make me think twice when going for the ball.

But the Canadians obviously share blame here, so I have a proposal to make: should the Maple Leafs or Canadians ever return to the Stanley Cup finals, the games should be played on concrete with inline skates. I’m sure no one in Canada would object.

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