June 4, 2015 Last Updated 8:35 am

Media app updates: ABC fixes issue with streaming via Chromecast; NYT and WaPo issue update to iPad apps

The expectations for unveiling exciting new products at WWDC are quickly being dampened as the NYT reports Apple will not be ready to launch a new version of the Apple TV

Things have been rather slow on the media app update front recently, something I chalked up to developers waiting for the release of iOS 8.4 on Monday. But a series of updates were released late yesterday.

WatchABC-iPhoneABC is having difficulties with getting its app to work properly with Google’s Chromecast and so issued an update for Watch ABC. The app has had serious problems with over 25K 1-star reviews written for the app, many because of app crashes.

But other 1-star reviews complain of excessive advertising, while others say the app doesn’t work for where they live (the app offers live streaming in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco, but not elsewhere).

Both The Washington Post and The New York Times updated their iPad apps last night. The update for The Washington Post for iPad fixes an issue with automatic updating, while NYTimes for iPad just mentions bug fixes.

(Later: The NYT today also updated its iPhone app, NYTimes – Breaking National & World News. The update introduces a redesign for the Opinion section, and adds breaking news alert taps to the Apple Watch portion of the app.)

The digital newsstand Magzter yesterday issued an update that is a little more extensive than simply bug fixes.

What’s New in Version 4.3
– Family Plan: a new way to share your Magzter GOLD subscription with your family members
– Filter option: Filter magazines by Language, Age rating and Magzter GOLD magazines
– Fixed crash issue on iOS 7 for few users

The purpose of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is supposed to be about giving developers an opportunity to learn more about the Mac and iOS platforms, get hands on experience with software, and interact with fellow developers. And that is exactly what goes on at the week long event.

WWDC-Keynote-2011But Apple has also used the mid-year event’s Keynote address as an opportunity to preview new versions of the Mac and iOS operating systems, and to announce hardware updates and to unveil new products.

But yesterday the NYT reported that Apple won’t be ready to introduce a new version of its Apple TV, saying the product is not ready. One could dismiss the report as a rumor, but this is the way Apple works, leaking little todbits of news to select media outlets, usually the WSJ or NYT (Apple PR learned much from watching Dick Cheney work).

It’s more than likely that the problem isn’t with the hardware, but with negotiations with the networks. (And the networks would likely say the problem lies with Apple’s negotiating team.)

But whatever the case, expectations for WWDC are quickly sinking.

One thing Apple likley will unveil is its new music streaming service. But the latest reports say Apple will not kill off the Beats service just yet. This is wise, as I use Beats because it has a fairly deep selection, something I have not found with Apple’s own radio service, or most other streaming services.

What is really needed for the new Apple music service is a way to seemlessly integrate the playlists inside iTunes, that is the music you physically own, with the playlists you can access through music streaming. This would allow you to listen to even more variety, and still encourage purchases.

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