June 3, 2015 Last Updated 7:36 am

Tribune’s MediaWorks unveils new Publisher Consortium

In addition to the Tribune papers, the new ad effort includes newspapers from Hearst, McClatchy, and other major city papers outside of NYC

It’s hard to believe that when I entered the newspaper business the big concern with the public was that newspapers were too powerful and that if the country didn’t watch out they would one day monopolize advertising. Worse, they were using the excuse of tough competition to force joint operating agreements that were consolidating ad sales in local markets.

Today, the Tribune Publishing unit MediaWorks unveiled a new attempt to leverage newspaper properties across the country into a single sales opportunity for national brands.

Called the MediaWorks Publisher Consortium, the new effort is similar in goal to the Local Media Consortium. But that entity included Digital First Media which put itself up for sale last year, and E.W. Scripps, which has traded its newspaper properties for the broadcast units from Journal Communications. Such is the situation with newspaper that properties are being passed around like baseball cards.

The new MediaWorks Publisher Consortium includes the Tribune Publishing newspapers, including its recently acquired San Diego Union-Tribune (no longer, mercifully, called The U-T), but also the Hearst Newspapers, McClatchy, and others. What’s obviously missing, no surprise, are the New York papers.

Here is the announcement from Tribune Publishing:

CHICAGO, Ill. – June 3, 2015 — MediaWorks today unveiled the MediaWorks Publisher Consortium, a resource for advertisers and media agencies to place print and digital campaigns in the top 30+ DMAs. With the introduction of the Publisher Consortium, MediaWorks, a unit of Tribune Publishing offers marketers exclusive local reach and national scale, as well as analytics powered by proprietary first-party subscriber data and capabilities for measuring ROI to marketing partners nationally.

The MediaWorks Publisher Consortium introduces scalable capabilities and marketing solutions that utilize local news and media brands in each of the top 30+ DMAs in the U.S., extending the reach of marketers to vast national audiences.

MediaWorks-flagBy leveraging the Publisher Consortium and by introducing the use of first-party subscriber data and strong analytic capabilities, MediaWorks has the ability to target customers at the zip code and sub-zip code level across the top 30+ DMAs, offering better media alignment and measurable ROI that is proven through pre- and post-campaign analysis.

The establishment of the Publisher Consortium coincides with independent third-party research data from Market Force Information1 that reveals the printed circular “is as popular as ever.” The survey, conducted in April 2015, reveals that nearly half of all consumers review circulars once a week and that circulars influence where and how consumers shop. “Eighty percent (of consumers who view circulars) said they plan their shopping trips based on what is in the circulars,” the survey found.

The MediaWorks Publisher Consortium comprises notable media brands in important markets, including: Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Dallas Morning News, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Houston Chronicle, The Arizona Republic, Detroit Free Press/News, Tampa Bay Times, The Seattle Times, Star-Tribune, Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, The Plain Dealer, The Sacramento Bee, The Modesto Bee, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Oregonian, The Charlotte Observer, The News & Observer, The Baltimore Sun, The Indianapolis Star, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Tennessean and Hartford Courant.

“By leveraging the power of the Publisher Consortium, MediaWorks grants advertisers the ability to get their messages in front of the most engaged audiences while providing measurable results and increased return on media investment,” says Susan Jacobs, Vice President and General Manager of MediaWorks. “MediaWorks offers advertisers across the U.S. stronger consumer insights, optimized media campaigns and actionable feedback.”

Based on MediaWorks’ pre-campaign analysis, advertisers that engaged with MediaWorks on average saw a 15 percent increase in the number of customers reached, 14 percent increase in the number of prospective clients reached, 25 percent increase in total sales and 9 percent increase in average sales.

MediaWorks’ data assets and strategic collaboration empower smart, innovative solutions that reach 70 percent of the U.S. population and 72 percent of all consumer expenditures. To date, 1.6 billion customer records have been analyzed by MediaWorks from small to large retailers spanning various industries.

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