June 2, 2015 Last Updated 2:13 pm

Chuck Alvarez named Chief Data Officer at tech media company TechTarget

Alvarez was most recently a Senior Consultant with Applied Intellect, and before that was with Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley

NEWTON, Mass. – June 2, 2015 — Leading technology media company TechTarget, Inc. today announced that it has hired Chuck Alvarez, 28-year veteran of Wall Street and pioneer in distributed computing and analytics, as Chief Data Officer. In his new role, Alvarez will focus on TechTarget’s Big Data strategy and new initiatives that will leverage TechTarget’s Deal DataTM to deliver rich demand-side research, analytics and insight to enterprise Information Technology (IT) professionals, IT vendors and institutional investors.

Millions of IT buyers come to TechTarget’s global network of more than 120 sites monthly to research and evaluate technology related to active projects. By analyzing the activity of buyers and sellers across our network, TechTarget accesses pre-deal data on approximately 60,000 enterprise IT deals annually and additionally generates more than 13,000 IT buyer survey responses monthly. The Company’s newly-formed IT Deal AlertTM Research services will also collect and analyze post-deal data to provide the markets with a truly closed-loop view of enterprise IT buying.

“TechTarget generates a wealth of data based on the interactions from millions of enterprise IT buyers that come to our network to access our content across more than 5,000 highly targeted enterprise IT topics,” said Greg Strakosch, Chairman and CEO, TechTarget. “The hiring of a Chief Data Officer will allow us to effectively harvest this wealth of data and create a Big Data platform that will bring market share and pricing transparency to the enterprise IT market,” continued Strakosch.

Alvarez will oversee the development of a data warehouse strategy that will aggregate the wealth of demand side data that TechTarget possesses by being strategically placed between the IT buyer and seller. He will also develop the analytics and visualization capabilities that will make TechTarget a leading industry source for real-time IT spending changes mined by vendor, technology, industry and geography.

Alvarez brings over twenty-eight years of experience in software development, data, analytics, distributed computing, financial markets and business experience. He has held several senior level positions on Wall Street and specializes in integration and realization of business value through the use of data. Alvarez was responsible for introducing Big Data analytics practices at Bear Stearns in 2007 and deployed the first Big Data platform at Morgan Stanley. Most recently, Alvarez was a Senior Consultant with Applied Intellect.

“Chuck’s deft ability to mine, aggregate and analyze financial data is a tremendous asset for the TechTarget IT Deal Alert Research platform,” said Ken Male, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TechTarget Research. “We look forward to leveraging the experience Chuck developed on Wall Street to help TechTarget provide the IT industry with real-time vendor performance, market share, street pricing and sector spending changes,” continued Male.

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