June 2, 2015 Last Updated 3:14 pm

Active Interest Media acquires Outdoor Guide from Catalyst Communication

Catalyst will retain its cycling business and Lynn Guissinger will continue as president of Catalyst

Boulder, Colorado – June 2, 2015 Active Interest Media, Inc. (AIM) announced today that it has acquired a core industry trade brand from Catalyst Communication, adding to its growing portfolio of enthusiast magazines, events, websites, digital and social media platforms and trade properties. The assets include Outdoor Guide, a leading outdoor and ski industry direct mail service with over three decades of custom solutions for successful retailers. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

a_active-400“We believe in supporting and growing the retailers who serve our consumer markets,” says Kent Ebersole, vice president and general manager of AIM’s Outdoor Group. “Outdoor Guide is a proven service delivering customers to our retailer partners through beautiful direct marketing pieces.” AIM’s consumer titles in this area include Backpacker, National Park Trips, Climbing, Ski, Skiing and Warren Miller.

With the addition of Outdoor Guide, AIM’s Outdoor Group expands their industry trade platform and provides another option to work with retailers bringing them closer to their customer. “With Outdoor Guide, our Outdoor Trade Group adds solid leadership to our current team,” says Ebersole. “With AIM’s considerable resources behind this brand, we look forward to growing and expanding the options and sophistication we offer the market.” AIM’s outdoor trade titles include SNEWS, the license for Outdoor Retailer Daily and Snow Show Daily.

“This is a great outcome for Catalyst, for me, our employees, our investors and our outdoor industry clients,” says Lynn Guissinger, president of Catalyst Communication. “The Outdoor Guide is growing, as a number of the nation’s leading independent outdoor retailers realize it helps them sell more.”

Catalyst will retain its cycling business and is experiencing rapid growth in their new BikeLife Cities print and digital project that partners with cities around the country. Lynn Guissinger will continue as president of Catalyst.

Source: AIM

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