June 1, 2015 Last Updated 8:29 am

Newsweek Europe adds iPhone digital edition to Newsstand app; Tribune Publishing issues crash fix app updates

The US version of Newsweek remains for the iPad only, and is a replica edition (as is the iPad version of Newsweek Europe)

The newsweekly Newsweek today released an update for Newsweek Europe, adding iPhone support to the Newsstand app. Tribune Publishing also released updates in response to reader complaints to its last series of updates which introduced an app bug causing crashes.

NewsweekEU-iPhone6-380The U.S. version of Newsweek currently has only an iPad app, Newsweek for iPad, which is a native digital edition. Newsweek Europe, however, remains a replica edition on the iPad, one without even pinch-to-zoom to help the reader deal with the reduced page size and smaller fonts. That makes the new native iPhone version the preferred way to read Newsweek Europe in digital form.

Prices of Newsweek Europe are a bit odd. Single issues of Newsweek Europe remain £3.99 ($4.99) with a monthly subscription to the weekly priced at £9.99 (but only $4.99 in the US), with an annual subscription priced at £34.99 ($44.99). The monthly subscription for the US version of Newsweek is $3.99. Inside Google Play, the US version of Newsweek is priced at $0.99 per issues and the app offers a 14 day free trial. But there is no app for Newsweek Europe available.

Although the two versions of Newsweek share some content, there are dedicated editors for both versions. This week the European version has a story on the return of “Big Tobacco,” which the US edition has as its cover story the consequences of China’s one child policy.

Tribune Publishing today issued updates to many of its newspaper apps after readers have written reviews complaining about app crashes. The problem comes after an update to all the apps had been issued on May 15. But readers of LA Times began complaining immediately. This led to an update being issued for that app last week.

This weekend, updates for Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sun and the other newspaper apps appeared.

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