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Team behind The Mozart Project to headline the iBooks Author Conference in October

James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, co-founders of UK-based Pipedreams Media, will provide one of the three keynotes at the event to be held this fall in Nashville

The iBooks Author created eBook, The Mozart Project, has been recognized as one of the best interactive books published since the launch of the iPad. Released last March, TNM looked at the eBook a year ago (see here), sadly too late to include it in Talking Digital as an interview with the publishers would certainly made a great addition to the book.

TMP-introBut the good news is that if you want to hear more from the book’s creators, James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, you’ll be able to do so when the duo deliver one of three keynotes next October at the iBooks Author Conference to be held in Nashville (see announcement below).

Over the past week the we’ve seen the company behind the eBook, Pipedream Media, promoting the coming of The Mozart Project to the iPhone on June 8. Why June 8? That’s the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the likely release of iOS 8.4 which is said to contain iPhone support for iBA built eBooks. If Apple makes a big deal of this, then it is likely The Mozart Project will be mentioned, maybe more.

What we don’t know at this point, is whether there will also be an update to the iBooks Author program itself. An update, if one comes, should probably come with new templates designed with the iPhone in mind. But even if it doesn’t, publishers with iBA created eBooks may want to consider revisions to their books. For instance, TNM created its Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms as a fixed layout eBook with only landscape orientation. Would a revision that includes portrait work better on the iPhone?

I can see digital publishers beginning to rethink the designs of their books knowing that many readers will be using iPhones rather than iPads. I’m currently working on a new eBook about crime films that has been visualized as in landscape only, even though there is a fair amount of text, maybe it will work this way on the iPhone, or maybe it needs a portrait option. I’ll be spending much of June, I fear, trying to determine the right approach.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – May 29, 2015 –– The iBooks Author Conference announced today that the creators of The Mozart Project, the critically-acclaimed interactive book for iPad and Mac and created by Apple’s “iBooks Author” digital book creation software, will deliver one of three keynotes at the event.

The Mozart Project was written by seven of the world’s foremost scholars on Mozart, and contains hours of exclusive documentaries, performances, and interviews. Hailed as “brilliantly imaginative” and “a completely new kind of book,” The Mozart Project has been universally celebrated as the type of experience next-generation ebooks can provide.

TMP-iPad-authorsJames Fairclough and Harry Farnham, co-founders of UK-based Pipedreams Media, will take the stage at the iBooks Author Conference to discuss how they created the best-selling digital book, why they did it, and how Apple’s iBooks Author software allowed such an ebook experience to be created and enjoyed.

“We are thrilled to be part of the iBooks Author Conference, which is the first ever global gathering of iBooks Author publishers,” said Fairclough. “We can’t wait to talk about what we’ve put together, and help others see what’s possible with this remarkable piece of software that Apple has created.”

“The Mozart Project is perhaps the most innovative ebook ever created,” said Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing and executive producer of the iBooks Author Conference. “We’re honored to bring the creators of this landmark work to share the story of their success and show others how iBooks Author can be used to communicate in compelling new ways.”

The iBooks Author Conference takes place October 8-9, 2015, at the iconic Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

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