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UK custom publisher Caspian Media launches stand-alone app for Professional Engineering

The official magazine of the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers offers readers free access to the digital edition of the print magazine, additional digital-only content

The official magazine of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Professional Engineering, recently launched a new app into the Apple Store, PE (Apple App Store link). The app, built using the Pugpig digital publishing platform, does just about everything right that I can see, resulting in one of the better B2B magazine apps currently available.

PE-cover-TOC-smPublished by London-based Caspian Media, the app was launched as a stand-alone app, rather than one to be found inside the Newsstand, and offers readers the content found inside the print magazine and more, according to the app description.

Caspian Media is a B2B custom publisher who have IBM, Atkins, White & Case, Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology as clients, along with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Creating B2B magazine products for associations and brands is a bit different than for an industry as a whole, and knowledge probably influenced a number of the decisions the publisher made with this app.

First, the app makes no effort to qualify the readership, something that might be important if the magazine was not tied to the industry’s association. Here, the goal to reach as wide an audience as possible, so the qualification process can take a back seat. (Interestingly, the digital version of the print magazine online, at the assocation’s website, requires that the reader log into their membership account to access.)

The decision to launch the app as a stand-alone app also makes sense and we still find that readers are confused by the whole Newsstand idea, often claiming that once they have downloaded the app they can not find it their device. The audience here is not the general public, after all, but engineers (no engineer jokes allowed).

Another smart decision was to go with a native digital app rather than a PDF replica. The app needs to do more than just present a digital version of the print magazine, it needs to serve as a communications vehicle for the association, and this app does this very well, containing information on the profession, news from the association, and more.

Lastly, the app needs to be free of charge, not something the reader subscribes to. A subsciption can be cancelled, it can be forgotten about. Here, the app is a 24/7 news source right on the owner’s device. It also has to be available to as large an audience as possible. To do this, the app was launched not only into the Apple App Store but into Google Play, as well. PugPig has also made a web version available, though who will access this (because the association’s website requires a membership) is a mystery (maybe ad sellers will use this link to preview the magazine with clients)?

The Apple App Store app is universal, free of charge to access, and well worth checking out.

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