May 28, 2015 Last Updated 1:48 pm

Pennsylvania paper apologizes for publishing call for President’s execution

The Daily Item, a newspaper of Sunbury, Penn. today apologized to readers for publishing a call to execute President Obama, saying there was “no excuse” for publishing a letter from a local resident that called for “regime change.”

“There is no excuse for the letter The Daily Item published on Memorial Day,” the editorial started. We did something we shouldn’t have and the readers who called us on it deserve accountability.”

According to the editorial, “no bells went off” when the editor in charge read the original letter and decided to publish it.

The original letter from W. Richard Stover of Lewisburg probably should have had bells going off. The letter starts off by calling the President “our lead-from-behind coward-in-chief.” Stover then goes on to say the answer to problems with ISIS is a change at the top.

“Forgive me for being blunt, but throughout history this has previously been accompanied by execution by guillotine, firingsquad, public hanging,” the letter concludes.

The paper’s apology states that “we should have recognized that the final two metaphorical paragraphs of the Ramadi letter were inescapably an incitement to have the chief executive of our government executed. They should have been deleted.”

But readers don’t seem pleased with the apology which seems to miss the greater point that the entire letter should have set off alarms.

“You did not just bungle the last few paragraphs you messed up with the entire letter!” one reader commented online. “You still do not get it! You say name calling is not acceptable in your letters but the insults directed at the office of the president of the United States at the start are somehow OK in your sick world?”

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