May 28, 2015 Last Updated 4:50 pm

Lodi News-Sentinel sold to newspaper start-up company

The Lodi area is known for its old vine Zinfandel, its heat, and the winds that come off the delta. It is also home to a five day a week newspaper that traces its history back to 1881, the Lodi News-Sentinel.

Lodi-mapToday the paper announced that it had been sold. The new owner, thankfully, is not a major chain but a start-up, Central Valley News-Sentinel Inc., founded by newspaper publisher Steven Malkowich. The new owner take possession on June 1.

The paper has been owned since 1959 by members of the Weybret family: brothers Fred and Jim and Fred’s son Marty who serves as publisher. “Now is the time for the Weybrets to make way for others with greater resources than ours,” said Marty Weybret.

“A family newspaper has to find family successors or find a new owner. Both my sons and both Jim’s daughters are well launched on careers outside of the news media. As parents, we are proud to see our children focused and successful. However, the situation leaves the Lodi News-Sentinel without a succession plan.”

With the sale the Weybrets will continue to manage the building where the newspaper is located. The new owner, meanwhile, will continue the tradition of the newspaper being independently owned.

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