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NYC & Company works with Aysling to create digital media management and delivery solution

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – May 27, 2015 — Aysling today announced that it has integrated its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Juggernaut, with Elvis DAM, a digital asset management tool, to create a sophisticated digital media management and delivery solution for New York City’s official destination marketing organization, NYC & Company.

NYC & Company provides a vast array of media assets to the travel trade and media publications around the world to promote New York City as a world-class destination. Aysling, a purveyor of digital content systems and CRM solutions, provided a custom software solution to efficiently manage and distribute those media assets.

Aysling-NYC“Aysling’s expertise with its CRM platform and with Elvis DAM allowed us to create a very powerful integrated solution,” said Bryan Grimaldi, Chief Operating Officer at NYC & Company. “The automated distribution saves us administrative time, and the organizational toolset simplifies the creation and distribution of media.”

With Juggernaut CRM making API calls to Elvis DAM to manage permissions, the manual process of credentialing users and groups is eliminated. On top of the automated account creation and credentialing processes, Juggernaut will provide an assortment of additional functionality specifically suited to the unique needs of NYC & Company. Additional features include the ability to promote featured and seasonally relevant digital assets, dashboards to display trending digital assets, and extremely granular control over which user groups have access to which digital assets. Elvis DAM is uniquely suited to provide the platform for the solution because of its flexibility in deployment. This solution is only possible because the asset repository and the user management tools can be hosted on the same group of remote servers, managed and administered by Aysling.

“The development and technical teams here at Aysling are particularly suited to ensure the success of this project because of their profound knowledge of and experience working with these two products,” said Rudy Pataro, CTO of Aysling. “Our CRM solution simplifies list management and our development expertise has allowed us to leverage the most powerful features of Elvis DAM to deliver a fully integrated solution which is tailor-made to fulfill every requirement set forth by NYC & Co.”

The solution launched in early May and will be accessible to thousands of members of the press and tourism industry via the web at

Source: Aysling

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