May 27, 2015 Last Updated 2:57 pm

Following closing of acquisition, Tribune Publishing lays off 178 at San Diego Union-Tribune

Tribune Publishing laid off 178 staffers at the San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday the paper reported. The layoffs hit operations hardest, with 100 truck drivers and pressroom workers laid off as the company will look to combine operations between its new property in San Diego and the Los Angeles Times.

SDUT-200“When the two companies announced that they were coming together, we said at the time there were going to be some synergies, and unfortunately for a lot of people today we’re realizing those synergies. We’re going to move production up to (Los Angeles) because we have press time available,” said Russ Newton, president and COO of the Union-Tribune.

Of the cuts, only nine were in the Union-Tribune’s newsroom.

Those let go will receive two months notice of the layoff, and be paid a severance package based on total number of years of service to the company.

Tribune Publishing, which was spun off the Tribune Company last year, acquired the San Diego daily 20 days ago and quickly closed the transaction. At the time of the deal, Austin Beutner, publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Times said “I also know the Los Angeles Times will benefit from a closer connection with its older sibling down south.”

Tribune bought the paper from Doug Manchester, an area real estate developer, who acquired the paper in 2011. One of Manchester’s more bizarre moves was to rename the paper the U-T. Tribune reversed that move when it closed its acquisition last Thursday.

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