May 26, 2015 Last Updated 8:18 am

New UK social networking app, 6Tribes, launched into the Apple App Store

App is exclusive to the UK App Store, with other countries and an Android version to follow

London, UK – May 26, 2015 – Today, 6Tribes, a new app that represents an evolution in social networking, has launched in London. Unlike existing social networks, 6Tribes enables people to join tribes that reflect their lifestyles.

6Tribes focuses on the common ground between people, rallies them around joint ideas and gives them a place to communicate, and in so doing, provides people with an entirely natural way of meeting new people, discovering great content and belonging.

iPhone6Passion-400Anthony Rose, CEO of 6Tribes, creator of the BBC iPlayer, explains: “We created 6Tribes to connect people with groups of like-minded people ­ or tribes ­ for an entirely new and frictionless way to meet, connect and belong. Whatever you’re into, you¹ll be with the people who absolutely get you. On 6Tribes everyone wants to hear what you have to say.”

6Tribes is the brainchild of Anthony Rose and Ernesto Schmitt, who co-founded social TV platform Beamly in 2011. Instead of focusing on people’s existing social connections, their new app brings people together around a shared interest, event or lifestyle, and presents members with bespoke tribe feeds that fit their interests uniquely.

“Our research made it clear that people were looking to connect with ideas as much as people, and that the next evolution of social networking would come from that desire. 6tribes is the first out of the blocks to deliver on that promise.”

Anthony explains: “6Tribes analyses things like your Facebook likes, the music on your phone and the places you’ve been to, to find the perfect tribes for you. Once you¹re a member of a tribe, you can connect with people who get what you’re into, be it fashion or travelling the world ­ people who understand you. You have a place where you belong.”

6Tribes launches in the UK today, with other countries to follow. The app is available for iPhone and iPad – download 6Tribes here. Android version to follow.

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