May 22, 2015 Last Updated 8:41 am

The holiday weekend schedule; Google and traffic performance

The Memorial Day holiday is Monday in the U.S., and in the U.K. Monday is a bank holiday. This will give TNM an opportunity to take a bit of a break, hopefully returning Tuesday with renewed energy.

Meanwhile, this year so far has been a tough year for many web publishers thanks to changes at Google that many bloggers and small news sites say have lowered their traffic numbers. Google, for its part, warned publishers that it would punish some publishers that did not have mobile friendly websites, even sending out emails with links to a test a publisher could run that would evaluate their website (TNM passed with flying colors).

For 2015, TNM’s traffic is up about 2 percent, the lowest gain in traffic this site has ever seen. In 2014, traffic (as measured by unique visitors) was up nearly 90 percent thanks to a move to a self-hosted website and off of Google’s own blogger platform. In general, since its launch in 2010, TNM’s traffic has just about doubled each year – 2015 will obviously be the exception.

One cannot expect traffic to continually increase forever without serious changes such as added content, promotion, etc. And the digital publishing business is only so big. But 2015 has been a bit frustrating, nonetheless.

Because of this, the last half of 2015 will be a time to make some serious decisions about whether or how TNM should continue: should it change its focus a bit, should it add partners, etc. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

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