May 20, 2015 Last Updated 11:11 am

BusinessVibes launches iPhone app targeting B2B buyers and sellers

New mobile app tries to serve all industries, at the same time, similar in approach to the consumer Yellow Pages

The B2B media business in the U.S. has been in bad shape for many years, hurt by the web, ownership by private equity firms, and a lack of industry leadership at the association level (one often is confused whether its association is really representing content marketers rather than B2B publishers).

Ads ad pages started to fall, B2B publishers began seeing the same kinds of pressures on their business as newspapers did with their classified advertising. Would B2Bs move aggressively towards digital, and mobile apps in particular, or would they do as newspapers did, resist the move to digital until the business was finally lost altogether.

The good news for B2Bs is that they have not seen the same sorts of pressures from digital start-ups as other segments have, and nothing comparable to what they saw with the web in the late nineties.

Back then, the rise of companies such as VerticalNet really stung as the web start-up stole editors and sales staff to build their B2B web properties. VerticalNet eventually imploded, but I still remember the day of its IPO and looks on owners faces when they realized that the company they dismissed suddenly was made up of millionaires. (Some did cash out in time, but most VNeters never were able to sell their shares before the dot com boom busted.)

BusinessVibes is a new Canadian company that wants to use mobile in much the same way that VerticalNet did the web. But the difference here is that while VerticalNet created separate “verticals” for each industry, BusinessVibes is trying to use the Yellow Pages approach: one giant search device for everything one buys and sells.

I really don’t think it is the right approach. But they have time to refine what they do as I don’t see very many B2B publishers embracing mobile in a meaningful way (few even have digital editions available, and those that do have mostly outsourced them to replica makers).

TORONTO, Ontario – May 20, 2015 — After launching their b2b marketplace app for Android devices two weeks ago, the wait is now over for iPhone users as the BusinessVibes app is now officially available for download in the app store.

BizVibes-iPhone-380BusinessVibes is home to the largest database amongst b2b mobile applications consisting of over 55 million companies across 100+ industries, in over 200 countries. The app is full of features that are perfect for trade professionals who are looking to buy and sell goods globally, including an incredibly advanced search algorithm which is designed to pinpoint the exact companies that are interested in your business.

Users of BusinessVibes can directly instant message any of the 55+ million searchable companies to chat, share ideas, and ultimately finalize a deal. This direct stream of communication can shorten the buying cycle by nearly 50 percent, saving companies valuable time and allowing them to earn larger profits. BusinessVibes also offers a ‘sell’ section where users can create their own customized web store by uploading product images and videos for other users to discover.

Key Features of BusinessVibes

  • Easily connect, chat and network with 55+ million companies across 100+ diverse industries
  • Customized company profile allowing other businesses to easily find you
  • Unique handshake feature connects with suppliers and buyers for b2b sales and trades
  • Built in app messenger to chat instantly with possible business leads
  • Save you favourite companies and store them all in one place
  • Sell your products and services quicker by creating a customized online store

The BusinessVibes b2b app is a one stop solution for all business to business needs and queries. You can download the BusinessVibes app now for free in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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