May 14, 2015 Last Updated 1:36 pm

i360Gov unveils new responsive design for its government business and policy website

RALEIGH, N.C. – May 14, 2015i360Gov, an intelligent network of media properties providing news and analysis regarding government business, policy and technology strategy and initiatives, announced today that it has launched a new website designed to optimize the reader experience. The responsive new design automatically adjusts and delivers content based on a reader’s device, interests and individual preferences. A modern new look and feel also enhances graphics without decreasing the amount of daily news and analysis content i360Gov provides.

i360gov-screen“Delivering the best news via an optimized experience for our readers, regardless of how they access i360Gov is our highest priority,” said Jon Morton, i360Gov’s founder and CEO. “The new website is not only more visually appealing, it’s more intuitive, faster and designed to make the government news we’re known for delivering even more impactful.”

The redesigned site adjusts automatically to deliver the best viewing experience depending on the device a reader uses to access i360Gov, be it a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC. New and larger graphics make the site more visually appealing without reducing content.

The new site provides more prominent display of i360Gov special reports and large dropdown menus make navigation easier by displaying Knowledge Centers for each channel within the i360Gov network. Readers can jump to focused coverage of key sectors, such as federal IT, federal business and policy, state and local government business and technology, defense, energy, healthcare and education. Moreover, readers can more easily access very specific coverage within each of those channels by clicking on the appropriate link in the dropdown menu on the main navigation bar. For example, “Cybersecurity” within the i360GovIT channel; or “Policy” within the i360GovDefense channel.

Vendor-provided gated assets, such as webinars, whitepapers, case studies and more, are prominently displayed across the site with enhanced graphics. Readers receive specific suggestions for additional reading and resources based on their topics of interest. Gated assets are also easier to access and download, as well as better organized by topic. Readers interested in a specific topic can explore multiple options, such as whitepaper and webinars, on the same subject in one centralized location.

Source: i360Gov

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