May 8, 2015 Last Updated 12:58 pm

The Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s only daily newspaper, launches Apple Newsstand app

The app has been launched into the Regional News category, one of the least used categories inside the Apple Newsstand with only 242 total apps available

One of the least used categories of the Apple Newsstand is Regional News, only 241 free apps are inside it, one paid. The reason for this is probably that regional newspapers or magazines were among the last media properties to decide to launch apps, and many of them feel the News or Travel category may be best for them.

As an indication of how few new apps show up in the category, I immediately noticed that one of the newest apps there was for Barcelovers from the Barcelona City Council, an app I wrote about 50 days ago (see here). Yet only five apps have been launched into the category since Barcelovers was launched.

RG-iPad-1One of those apps is for The Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s only daily newspaper.

Founded in 1828, The Royal Gazette reaches about 30,000 readers with its print edition.

The app is similar to many other newspapers are choosing to launch: it opens to a tablet formatted version of the newspaper’s website, and also offers a replica edition of the print newspaper.

Both the web portion and the replica portion can be read in both portrait and landscape, and the app is universal (works on both the iPhone and iPad).

The app was launched near the end of April (and remains the newest app in the Regional News category) and is offering access for free during the introductory period.

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