May 7, 2015 Last Updated 7:39 am

UK election day; Apple releases security update for Safari

A very light day of media iOS app updates, with just a minor bug fix update released by the digital newsstand Next Issue Media

The arrival election day is supposed to mean the end of the campaign and the settling of issues. But as the UK goes to the polls today there is a feeling among many that nothing will end up being settled, that the voting is just another step in the long road to a smaller, more inward-looking England, a separate Scotland, and who know what for the future of Europe.

Newspapers in the UK tend to splash their endorsements more prominently than in the US, especially on the morning the polls open:


Good luck.

(By the way, the disgusting front page from Murdoch’s The Sun seen on the home page is actually from Wednesday – and why it wasn’t included in the animated GIF of front pages seen above.)

Apple released a security update for Safari. Depending on what version you currently have, the update will bring your app up to one of the following versions: Safari 8.0.6, Safari 7.1.6, or Safari 6.2.6.

Apple doesn’t release details for its security updates, but this one obviously involves vulnerabilities with WebKit.

A light day of media app updates, with only Next Issue Media releasing a minor bug fix update for its digital newsstand app.

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