May 6, 2015 Last Updated 8:23 am

Publishing platform updates: Pugpig launches new set of hosting options for 2015

Mag+ updates its previewer app to add progressive downloads; PressReader issues minor update to its digital newsstand app for iOS; WoodWing adds Apple Watch support

There were several updates to digital publishing platforms in the past few days worth mentioning, including preview app updates. Rather do them in separate posts, which I’m sure the companies would prefer that I do (understandably) here is a rundown of the changes:


The platform used by digital magazines such as PORTER, this month unveiled its product set for 2015. The product set and its rate card should make publications feel right at home as it is a bit complicated. There are four products, and each product can be priced at four levels depending on the “size” – that is, the size of the publication and the number of users it will be delivered to.

Here is what the company sent me today, modified somewhat to put it in third-person:

Pugpig Express is the entry level fully hosted service. Users sign in, generate the app and use the Pugpig Express theme to deliver the content. No technical expertise required at all.

Pugpig Professional is for publishers who want to create their own themes and content types but will want Pugpig host a dedicated CMS.

Pugpig Connect is suited for publishers who want to hook up to their own CMS to deliver content through the Pugpig Distribution Service into the Pugpig app containers.

Pugpig Toolkit is the top level, offering full unadulterated access to Pugpig software – typically suited for people who want to do some serious customization both at the back-end and also using the Pugpig app framework SDK.

Pugpig pricing varies from £300 per month to £1400 per month depending on the level of service chosen.

According to the platform’s website, there are now 127 publications now using the Pugpig digital publishing platform including the weekly Stylist Magazine, HELLO! fashion and <strong>Style Notes.


The digital publishing platform developed by Bonnier, Mag+, today updated its Mag+ Reviewer app, bringing the app up to version 5.4.0.

The app description states that the update adds progressive download to the app. I assume this means that it is adding progressive downloading to the preview app, not the resulting digital editions, which I assume have had progressive download before now.

In either case, you can count on the platform delivering issues that can be read quickly by both the user of the actual app, or the designer using the preview app.

There are also some bug fixes included in the latest update to the preview app.


A minor update from PressReader that “includes improved download management, bug fixes and performance improvements.”

A week ago the digital newsstand app was updated to include a map where readers would find the most active opinions in their communities.

PressReader was formerly known as NewspaperDirect and because of this is thought to only offer digital copies of newspapers. But the app does give access to 1,271 different magazine titles including Top Gear and T3, as well as the French editions of Vanity Fair and Glamour, and the Italian editions of Elle and Marie Claire.


WoodWing today announced that it now has support for the Apple Watch. The first app to use their solution is the German publisher Gruner + Jahr, in which the WoodWing team created an Apple Watch app for the Berlin edition of the travel magazine GEO Saison, a brand new stand-along app priced at $0.99.

What is nice to see is that the app also contains new screenshots for the Apple Watch, something many of the updated apps do not include (though I’m sure we will see more screenshots added by developers over time):



In case you missed it, the Aquafadas platform updated its Aquafadas Viewer for iOS on Monday. The update adds a series of new features: new Bookmarks and notes, Multi Drag’n drop, and clipping message customization.

TNM also looked at the new digital magazine from Aquafadas yesterday, Wave. The new Apple Newsstand app currently contains two issues – March and April – with each issue completely differently designed, which digital magazine designers should find an interesting contrast. A you would expect for a magazine designed to promote a platform, the app and its issues are free-of-charge to access.