May 5, 2015 Last Updated 12:55 pm

Aquafadas launches its own digital magazine: Wave

The new Apple Newsstand app contains two issues – March and April – that very different in design, one design tablet reading, the other for reading on the iPhone

It is a wonder why more digital publishing platforms don’t release their own digital magazines, if only to serve as a calling card to show the capabilities of their platforms.

There are a number of them, of course, and any of the platforms that would like to tell readers of them are invited to do so in comments (don’t forget to include an app store link!).

Wave-cover-1Aquafadas is among the latest to launch their digital magazine, Wave, originally released into the Apple Newsstand in April (sorry I missed it).

The new digital magazine app contains two issues right now, and they are both very different. The March issue is very much designed like a native tablet magazine, complete with an animated cover (I’m sorry that the GIF here doesn’t capture the audio portion).

The issue is designed to be read in portrait and the page and font choices clearly had the iPad in mind.

The April issue is something altogether different. This issue lacks the animated cover, and is instead designed for mobile reading (though I have included the screenshots from the iPad mini version).

Wave-articleBoth issues are relatively short, but this is probably a good thing if they really do intend to publishing monthly.

As you would expect, the issues are free of charge to download, and one can subscribe to the magazine for free to have your issues download automatically.

Aquafadas have 11 apps for the iPad in the Apple App Store under its developer account name, and 18 for the iPhone. The one TNM mentions the most, of course, is its preview app, Aquafadas Viewer for iOS.

Aquafadas was founded in 2004 in Montpellier, France, by Matthieu Kopp and Claudia Zimmer and was acquired by the Japanese eCommerce company Rakuten, who also owns Kobo Books. (The January-February issue of App Publisher contains an interview with Claudia Zimmer, by the way. Because of this, when you do a search for “Aquafadas” in Google Play one of the apps that comes up is the app for App Publisher.)

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