May 4, 2015 Last Updated 7:39 am

Morning Brief: UK election will reach the finish line this week; Greek drama continues

Aquafadas updates its iOS preview app, adding bookmarks and notes, multi drop and drag, as well fixing multiple app bugs and issues

The UK votes Thursday, the end of what probably feels like a long election cycle, though by US standards the actual time campaigning remains short. Here in the US, a couple more candidates declared, or will declare this week their intention to run for President – 17 months before the actual election (though there Iowa caucuses are on February 1-2, a mere 9 months away). None are expected to have a chance.

Polls show the Tory government slightly ahead, but possibly not ahead enough o easily form a government, and confusion could reign for a while.


Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP makes her endorsement

Meanwhile, in Greece, where confusion is the normal state of affairs, the country is nearing another deadline of sorts as it tries to renegotiate its debt payments with European banks. There will be new meetings of European finance ministers on May 11 and speculation about whether Greece will be able to continue payments have already started. The situation in Greece remains the same, however, the Greeks want to renegotiate while at the same time are against leaving the Eurozone; European finance ministers want Greece to pay… period, while not believing the Greek government will leave the Eurozone. This is the same situation that existed a year ago, and unless opinion changes in Greece regarding openness to leaving the Euro, the Greek government will not have the leverage necessary to pry concessions from the European finance ministers.

The Greek chorus is getting exhausted.

For those in the US that look abroad and see craziness, there was this story this morning. As usual, the NYT and Washington Post handled the story differently in regards to commenting.

The NYT, which it often does, did not turn on comments on the story, knowing full well what they could expect. But the Post not only turns on comments on controversial stories, but tends to leave them on longer than other major papers. Often having to react to the comment thread turning ugly.

Comments, of course, lead to traffic, which leads to revenue. It also leads to a lot of nonsense. After all, news stories tend to develop over time, therefore opinion would vary over time. But most newspapers tend to turn off comments on stories involving racial or religious topics, especially those involving violence. Not the Post.

Aquafadas today updated its preview app, Aquafadas Viewer for iOS. Other digital publishing platforms also recently updated their apps, though most were simple bug fix updates, the Aquafadas update is a little involved:

AquafadasViewer-featureWhat’s New in Version 3.6
New Features:
– New Bookmarks and notes
– Multi Drag’n drop
– Clipping message customization

– Comics reader crash fixed
– Sublayout broken by 3.5.2 version fixed
– PDF with no zoom and fit content mode fixed
– restore the capability to have the bottom bar always visible in the PDFReader
– fix issues with in the right to left mode in the PDFReader

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