May 4, 2015 Last Updated 2:01 pm

Comcast releases its own video sharing app, but few will be qualified to actually use it

The Xfinity Share system requires that both the sender and receiver must be Xfinity Triple Play customers with a X1 DVR

What good is an app if no one can use it? That is the question that has to be asked of the new video sharing app from Comcast. Called XFINITY Share is, in a way, an answer to other sharing apps such as Twitter’s Periscope or even an older service such as UStream.

XfinityshareBut there is a huge difference. With Periscope or Meerkat, one merely needs an account with Twitter – and that’s free.

With Comcast’s new app, one not only needs to be a customer of Comcast but both the sender and receiver of the video must be Xfinity Triple Play customers with X1 DVR capable set-top boxes.

Just how much does that cost? I’d really like to know, because I pay a fortune to Comcast each month, have what they call Triple Play, which is a rip-off, and I still don’t qualify. (Checking the website, I see that if I were NOT a Comcast customer the package I have that would qualify to use this app would cost me $159.99 a month plus tax, plus more for two more cable boxes, and I’d have to sign a two year contract. Honestly, these folks are nuts.)

Early reviews for the app appear positive. Well, kind of.

A few reviews complain that the app can’t be used unless you have all those things mentioned above. So, who are those people who are writing positive reviews? I clicked on the user names, and found that those 5-star reviews come from users who have only reviewed one app. Odd, huh?

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