May 1, 2015 Last Updated 9:20 am

The Onion touts its site redesign, as only The Onion can

Tongue-in-cheek introduction to new website says its site was ‘specifically designed to be enjoyed on Motorola’s popular 2004 edition of the RAZR cell phone’

The Onion has redesigned its website and then promoted it as only The Onion can, totally tongue-in-cheek.

Under a banner proclaiming “The Internet, Perfected,” The Onion tells its readers the details of the site’s design.

TheOnion-iPad“For the past two years, the team of engineers shackled at The Onion’s Laogai-based technology facility in Guangzhou have been toiling around the clock to answer that precise question,” The Onion’s editors claim. “In the end, we have developed a website that flawlessly complements our 250-year tradition of exemplary and unmatched reporting. Today, we are finally ready to unveil our new site to you, our loyal and subservient readers.”

The Onion has fun with readers claiming that “advertisers will also have full access to the website’s back end, and are indeed encouraged to make as many changes as they see fit” and that for those readers who still love print one can connect “your phone or computer to any industrial-sized printing press loaded with full rolls of newsprint paper and ink, and in no time you will have several hundred thousand physical copies of The Onion’s latest issue to enjoy.”

What can one say? They nailed it.

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