April 30, 2015 Last Updated 2:01 pm

Time Inc. unveils new video programming efforts during its NewFronts presentation

Time Inc. today unveiled its new video efforts at its NewFronts presentation, revealing details of new programming its intends to produce for its network of media outlets.

digital-newfronts-350The company also announced additions to its video distribution network and told digital ad buyers of its broadcast studios being builtd in Time Inc.’s new downtown NYC headquarters.

NewFront is organized by Interactive Advertising Bureau, which charges a couple dozen or so companies $25K to participate. In addition to Time Inc., The New York Times, News Corp. AOL and others get a chance to tout their Internet video plans, and hopefully attract major brand advertising.

“Our NewFront presentation is another opportunity for us to tell the story of our video enterprise, which has gained tremendous momentum in just a very short time,” said J.R. McCabe, Time Inc. SVP, Video. “Our goal is to constantly expand the reach and scale of our video network, first through Time Inc. digital channels and then with organic and mutually beneficial partnerships.

“Today we showcased a broad and dynamic slate of programming that shows our diversity, and we know our growing audience will be excited for their upcoming premieres,” McCabe said.

What are these programs? Well, here they are, care of the Time Inc. announcement released after their presentation:

40/40 Live: JAY Z’s The 40/40 Club in Manhattan is the setting for this exciting new talk show. Produced in collaboration with JAY Z’s Life+Times and hosted by WNBA point guard Skylar Diggins, 40/40 Live blends the worlds of hip hop and sports celebrity to provide a fresh and unfiltered conversation around sports, fame, music and more. With the energy of this luxury sports bar as a backdrop and the rising talent of Skylar and her celebrity guests, 40/40 Live promises to be edgy, unpredictable and compelling.

A Year in Space: Today, Astronaut Scott Kelly is already aboard the International Space Station—part of an ambitious, one-year experiment to determine if Mars travel can ever be achieved. With unprecedented access, TIME film-makers will chronicle Kelly’s entire mission in a multipart series, online and in print. A Year in Space will also follow Scott’s family back home, including his twin brother Mark—a retired NASA astronaut—who is serving as the other half of a unique experiment, comparing how identical bodies and identical genes respond to a year in decidedly non-identical environments. In A Year in Space, technology, biology and the ambitions of humanity will converge in ways they never have before.

Andi’s Apple: Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is kicking off her single life with a fresh start in a new city. This series will capture Dorfman as she navigates the dating world of New York City while cultivating her passions for fashion, fitness and food. With the help of her pals, including a former Bachelor costar, the headstrong 28-year-old is learning about life—and love—on her own terms.

At the Table: With the casual nature of a kitchen table chat with close friends, At the Table offers generous servings of pop culture banter mixed with lifestyle and cooking tips. At the Table is a fun and informative new series hosted by three young, engaging personalities who on the one hand offer fascinating, unpredictable and highly social chat and celebrity gossip. And on the other, they provide simple and useful advice on everything from cooking, entertaining and crafts to organizing, and DIY. Fast, fun, and informative, everyone has a place at this table.

Black Girl Magic: In this inspiring new docu-series from Essence, the lives of six teenage girls from diverse backgrounds and circumstances will be brought to life vividly and poignantly. Directed by emerging African-American female filmmakers, each short film will be an intimate profile of a single girl, revealing her unique drive and her fondest dreams, capturing her courage and perseverance, and enchanting viewers lucky enough to witness that special phenomenon known on social media as “black girl magic.”

Building Hope: In this uplifting and heart-warming new series, Time Inc. teams up with Operation Finally Home, a Tennessee-based non-profit dedicated to building mortgage-free homes for disabled veterans, allowing them to restart their lives. Building Hope will follow five military veterans—injured while stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan—as they return to their hometowns and are met by grateful communities, whose gestures of giving back take the shape of a new custom-built home for the veteran, and changed lives for everyone involved.

Popography: People and Entertainment Weekly join forces to produce a new digital series focused on the lives and careers of the world’s most renowned artists and entertainers. Hosted by People and EW Editorial Director Jess Cagle, each installment of Popography will take an intimate look at the pivotal moments that shaped one fascinating star: the early work, the big break, the career highlights and current passions. Equally irreverent and revealing, we’ll experience these artists in a whole new light, with exclusive access to vintage photos, rare anecdotes, and unprecedented insight into what fuels star power.

SI Films: Built upon its rich tradition of storytelling, Sports Illustrated launches the next evolution of the brand—Sports Illustrated Films. From short features to full length documentaries, this new venture harnesses the journalistic excellence of Sports Illustrated with its Emmy Award-winning production team and acclaimed industry directors. Sports Illustrated has been at the center of sports’ greatest stories for more than 60 years. That journey continues today with the launch of Sports Illustrated Films.

Social Currency: The New Famous: An inside look into the world of today’s newest celebrities: the social influencers. These are the social media-savvy entrepreneurs who’ve mastered the art of self-promotion and amassed a supersized audience through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Social Currency will profile a select group of social media’s hottest, newest personalities, and trace the strategy, hard work, and sheer luck on their journey to becoming “the new famous.”

The Bullseye: Taken from the wildly popular last page of Entertainment Weekly, The Bullseye is a fast-paced and irreverent new web series hosted by EW senior writer Tim Stack. Each weekly installment will feature Tim, his side-kicks, and a celebrity guest engaged in super-smart and rapid-fire conversation on the week’s buzziest hits, the lamest missteps, and the project or person that’s in the center of the pop culture bullseye. With Tim Stack’s unique mix of wit, camp and high energy at the center, this show hits right on target.

The Next Star Stylist: In this new reality competition show from the style experts at InStyle, viewers will get an inside look at the glamour, drama and dedication going on behind the scenes of the red carpet. Up-and-coming stylists will compete against each other for a high-stakes, career-making opportunity to dress a celebrity for a red-carpet event. Online voters will give them a chance, while a team of experts and celebrity stylists will coach and judge them. It all culminates in a red carpet debut that could launch the career of the Next Star Stylist.

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