April 30, 2015 Last Updated 8:16 am

Apple Watch and tattoos are not a good match, apparently; bug fix updates for Adobe’s Content Viewer and Zinio’s iOS app

Apple stock takes a little bit of a hit after users with tattoos report their pricey new watches appear to be effected by their body art

The phone rang this morning with a question: “is this story for real?” Yes, was my response, though I was surprised that it had become big news (though I probably shouldn’t have beeb surprised).


Reuters picture posted to Twitter

The story, if you missed it, is that early buyers of the Apple Watch, who have tattoos, are finding that their tats are interfering with the functions of the smartwatch. Apparently the sensors on the underside of the watch are getting interference from the user’s tattoos, preventing the display from turning on appropriately, or from getting accurate data for health apps.

The story is being treated as funny, and Apple (as usual) has no comment, but investors didn’t see the humor in all this, taking Apple stock lower late yesterday, and the stock is trading modestly lower today in pre-market activity (it’s barely down, trading around $128 a share).

AmazonInstant0iPhoneThe app updates today are all about bug fixes, many of them from developers who recently updated their app to add in support for the Apple Watch.

Two of Amazon’s iOS apps were updated. Amazon’s main shopping app, simply called Amazon App, added Apple Watch support late last week. But after the update users of Safari browser on iPhones were discovering that if they visited Amazon.com the app would open automatically. It is odd bug, but Amazon issued an update today that presumably fixes the issue.

Amazon also updated its Amazon Instant Video app, bringing the app up to version 3.0.

The update now allows users the option to stream video using data (rather than only when on WiFi). The app also now allows for HD viewing, and includes a quality setting. Users will burn through data quickly watching movies this way, but if you have a large data plan (or are lucky enough to still have an unlimited data plan) this allows you to watch films while waiting for that flight to arrive.

Two digital publishing platforms issued app bug fix updates: Adobe updated its Adobe Content Viewer, and Zinio updated its digital newsstand app for iOS.

The Adobe app is tied to version 32.5 of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, with the update fixing a few minor issues such as zoom on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models, intermittent crashes on devices still on iOS7. The Android version update involves the SSL certificate chain.

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