April 29, 2015 Last Updated 9:15 am

The Memo launches, new tech site aims to be cross between Wired and The Economist

The new website is launched by Creative Agenda, a new publishing house and creative agency, with Alex Wood, former editor-in-chief of Tech City News, leading editorial

Just what the world needs, another tech site, right? Well, today The Memo officially launched. The website, founded by Alex Wood, said in March that it plans to be a cross “between Wired and The Economist, The Memo offers an accessible view into the rapidly changing world of business.

TheMemo-screenThe Memo launches as an attractive WordPress site that has launched thanks to a group of sponsors include PwC, WorldRemit, Canary Wharf Group and others. But the new tech site will also depend on the success of its new parent, Creative Agenda, which offers branding, photography, print and video production.

The new site is doing some old school prep to make sure it succeeds where others have not. At launch it is partnering with Reuters, syndicating The Memo’s video content through Reuters Insider. Our partnership with Reuters gives us a powerful platform to share our content with the global audience of a major and like-minded publication,” said Wood in the launch announcement.

One might say that The Memo is doing the reverse of some other tech media websites: rather than launching a site which then creates ancillary products in order to drive revenue, it created an agency where The Memo is the ancillary product (though its editors may see the site as the real mission of the company).

TheMemo-teamThe launch of the new site comes at an interesting time, following the demise of GigaOM. In fact, Wood referred to GigaOM in his launch announcement last month in Medium.

“I care about sustainable journalism,” Wood wrote. “This has never been more timely with the news that GigaOM, a pioneering tech news site, is closing down. And yet with digital businesses predicted to account for 12% of Britain’s GDP by next year, all the signs point to growing demand.”

Whether The Memo suffers the same fate as GigaOM will depend completely on the owner’s business acumen. By finding launch partners, building Creative Agenda along side the site, The Memo may well have the right formula. Whether there is truly a need for yet more tech journalism, however, is an open question. (But one can’t deny, they have a killer URL.)

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