April 29, 2015 Last Updated 10:00 am

Adobe acquires Tumri ad technology from Collective

Acquisition is designed to extend Adobe’s programmatic advertising capabilities by adding new features into Adobe Media Optimizer

This is an odd acquisition: Adobe today said it has acquired the Tumri technology from the company Collective.

“The acquisition of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology extends Adobe’s ad platform, Adobe Media Optimizer, to build, personalize and optimize creative asset across display ads,” a representative of Adobe wrote to TNM this morning. “Advertisers will be able to automatically develop creative ad units at scale, deliver more personalized messaging, and test to see what content is most effective.”

Tumri’s founder, Pradeep Javangula, is now Head of Personalization Engineering at Adobe. Tumor was acquired by Collective in 2011, and Javangula became Vice President, Engineering for about a year.

(I don’t think, or at least hope, that what is being acquired has nothing to do with Tumri.net, which has been implicated in some nasty adware. It is possible that the current owner of the URL, Collective, bought it to shut it down. If I hear more about all this I’ll update this story.)

LONDON, UK — April 29, 2015 — At Adobe Summit Europe, the company’s annual digital marketing conference in London, Adobe announced it has acquired the Tumri advertising technology (also known as Ensemble) from Collective, to extend its programmatic advertising capabilities with new dynamic creative functionality in Adobe Media Optimizer. This technology will help advertisers scale the impact of their display ads by providing a missing link in the current advertising process: the ability to serve the most effective creative content during the programmatic ad buying process. With Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), advertisers have a powerful tool to seamlessly build, personalize and deliver creative assets in real time to drive higher user engagement and conversion rates across devices. This will allow customers to scale and optimize ad creative through Adobe Media Optimizer in a way never before possible.

Tumri-flagThe addition of this new DCO technology will streamline the ad creation process with flexible ad templates, offer new mobile ad serving features through HTML5, and extend product retargeting capabilities across customer verticals. By integrating the new DCO functionality with Adobe Marketing Cloud Core Services, such as Profiles and Audiences and asset sharing with Adobe Creative Cloud, advertisers will also be able to extend targeted content consistently across key marketing channels.

“Creative optimization takes place at the last millisecond of marketing and can make or break consumer engagement and conversions,” said Justin Merickel, senior director of Advertising Solutions, Adobe. “Tumri is a strong DCO solution validated by the market and the integration with Adobe Media Optimizer will bolster our advertising capabilities across channels. Adobe offers the only platform that combines advertising, data and creative optimization to redefine programmatic marketing.”

With DCO capabilities, advertisers can test to see what creative content is most effective. Additional parameters available in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Audience Manager, including demographic and location data, can be added to DCO to determine what combination of ad creative and copy resonate best among specific audience segments. Essentially, different versions of the same display ad can be delivered instantly based on website behavior, audiences and context – all without teams having to manually create each ad variation.

The new DCO offer is expected to be available as a standalone product and in conjunction with programmatic ad buying functionality in Adobe Media Optimizer later this year. Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe’s demand-side platform and one of eight solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud, is the industry’s most advanced digital advertising platform delivering ad management, optimization and forecasting across search, display and social media channels. Used by more than 500 global customers across industries, Adobe Media Optimizer manages nearly $3 billion in annualized ad spend on behalf of its customers.

Terms of this deal are not being publicly disclosed.

Source: Adobe

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