April 28, 2015 Last Updated 4:06 pm

Google unveils the Digital News Initiative, a €150M partnership with European publishers

In a move not that different than what I suggested years ago that Apple make, Google has unveiled a new partnership initiative with European publishers and organizations.

Called the Digital News Initiative, the program will focus on three areas: product developments to increase revenue, traffic and audience engagement, innovation in digital news journalism, and investment in training and development resources for journalists and newsrooms.

The program’s founding partners are eight European newspapers – Les Echos (France), FAZ (Germany), The Financial Times (UK), The Guardian (UK), NRC Group (Netherlands), El Pais (Spain), La Stampa (Italy), and Die Zeit (Germany) – and three orgabizations (The European Journalism Centre, The Global Editors Network and The International News Media Association.

While the program is being launched with these companies and organizations on board, Google says the initiative is open to all media companies. To be considered, simply register here.

My own suggestion for Apple was far less costly, simply the hiring of an industry liaison who would provide publishing partners with an entry into the Byzantine world of Apple. But the ultimate goal would have been similar: to come up with programs that would assist publishers innovate, while at the same time tempering the blowback that inevitably occurs when a large tech company effects an establish business such as publishing. Apple entrenched, Google appears to be going in the other direction – no doubt due to its recent run-ins with newspaper companies fighting it over search.

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